Woof Wednesday – Pet Friends Edition – Meet Karma and Gryphon

Woof Wednesday – Pet Friends Edition – Meet Karma and Gryphon

Welcome back to the first 2015 edition of Woof Wednesday – Pet Friends Edition.

Gryphon and Karma

Today, Kerrey is sharing her sweet little great danes with us.  Aren’t they beautiful? Shhhhh. Let’s not wake them.

Here are some individual beauty shots that Kerrey sent to me. First up is Gryphon:

Next is Karma:

Too bad Kerrey had to wake up these sleeping beauties to take their pictures. LOL They both look really, really sleepy and totally unimpressed! Better watch out when you turn around Kerrey, you know what they say about Karma biting you in the butt (not that your Karma ever would).

Here is what Kerrey has to say about her babies:

“Karma (black and white) and Gryphon (blue and white), are rescued Harlequin Great Danes. Best dogs ever! They have so much personality and are completely attuned to their people.  Gryphon is a 150# baby! afraid of cats and velcroed to my husband and me. Karma is 125#, 8 years old and starting to slow down, but still the sweetest, most gentle girl ever.”

I’m totally smitten with big dogs and always thought I’d own them as opposed to smaller ones. Funny how things change. What I love the most about big dogs (besides their regal size) is their gentle nature and quiet disposition. In many cases, it seems that the larger the dog, the more mellow they are.

Trust me. Having two smaller Boston terriers in the house is anything but calm and tranquil. Some days I would give my right arm for a big old rug of a dog…and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Thank you so much for sharing Karma and Gryphon with us, Kerrey! I’ve enjoyed meeting them very much, and I’m sure my readers have enjoyed it too.

If you’d like your pet featured on an upcoming edition of Woof Wednesday – Pet Friends, I’d love to show them off for you to my readers. Just email me a photo (or more) of your pet (dog, cat, bird, lizard, fish, etc.) along with a little bit about what makes them so special to you, and I’ll take it from there. Then, each Wednesday, I’ll feature a new pet/pets from you, my valued readers. Because I’d like this blog to be as interactive as possible, what’s better than sharing the pets that make us smile and fill our hearts with love?

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