Cheers to a Mary Poppins Themed Wine Glasses

Cheers to a Mary Poppins Themed Wine Glasses

It’s been an incredibly long time since I shared with you about my painted wine glasses. Yes, I know that I try and incorporate a glass or item with almost every recipe I share, so you do get to see them, but a stand-along post about them has been rare.

My favorite types of orders are when customers contact me to ask if I can incorporate different movie elements or details into one glass or item. I always find it such a challenge and something that I too am excited to see once I consider it complete. Most times I have an idea in my head about what how I’ll design the glass and what colors I’ll use. Then there are the other times when I really have no idea in my head and just let me paint brush lead the way. These designs are always the most nerve- wracking for me, but they’re also the ones that give me the most pleasure when they’re complete.
This Mary Poppins wine glass is one such design. The client gave me a list of elements she wanted incorporated into the glass to honor her daughter-in-law’s favorite movie, the beach, her career of being an urban planner, and that she was a one time cheerleader. She also requested that the saying from the movie “Practically perfect in every way” be incorporated somewhere, somehow. Needless to say, I was stumped, and a little nervous but soon got busy with my brushes.
Here is the completed glass I ultimately came up with, photographed from all sides, so it tells it’s own story. Can you spot how I added all these elements into this glass?
The daughter-in-laws name is Sarah. That one was a no brainer. Of course there is Mary’s umbrella, her carpet bag, and a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.
Mary Poppins Themed Painted Wine Glass
The penguin is from the scene where Mary and Burt hop into the chalk drawing on the sidewalk (a fantasy of mine) and Burt dances with the penguins. Note that the penguin is holding the pom-poms from Sarah’s cheer leading days and that the penguin is standing on the beach with the sand and the water.

Of course you can’t design a Mary Poppins glass without a wink and a nod to Burt’s chimney sweeping broom and chimney.

Sarah’s profession of being an urban planner was the hardest element to incorporate into the design. I hate to say I took the obvious way out…but I did. That said, I think it definitely gets the point across.

And lastly, another nod to the beach with the sand dollar element on the base, and here’s where I added the quote from the movie that ties it all together.

So there you have it. I feel honored that people come to me to design special gift items that hold deep meaning to their beloved family and friends. These are pieces that will become keepsakes for years and years to come…and that make me so, so happy.

Mary Poppins themed painted wine glass /

Thank you for allowing me to showcase this Mary Poppins wine glass and how I went about designing it. If you’ve enjoyed seeing this post and the photos, I’d love for you to leave me a comment and let me know if you’d like to see more of these type of posts.

If there is ever anything I can paint for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit my shop. Custom orders are always welcome and I can work from any photo or idea concept you send my way,

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  1. Everytime I click a different heading, all I get is the Water Bottle. Could you please write me about the wine glasses? Thank you.

    • Tammy, I'm not sure what you're clicking on that would show a picture of a water bottle. I'm confused. This post is strictly about a wine glass so that's what should be showing. Please let me know where the water bottle is popping up. Thanks. Renee

  2. What a delightful wine glass, practically perfect in every way. Mary Poppins is my all time favorite Disney movie. I had the album when I was a kid, it was completely warped from playing it all the time.

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