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Amazing Apple Recipe Roundup 2018 for Friday's Featured Foodie Feastings. -
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Amazing Apple Recipe Roundup for Friday’s Featured Foodie Feastings

One of the best times of the year, in my opinion, is autumn when it’s apple picking time. The abundance of apple flavors, colors, textures, and recipe possibilities (from sweet to savory) is something which excites me and makes me anxious to get in the kitchen with this incredibly versatile fruit, and hopefully, you feel the same way!

Cherry Yeast Bread with White Chocolate Ganache Drizzle -
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Low Sugar Cherry Yeast Bread with White Chocolate Ganache Drizzle

I decided I’d like to make this bread a little less sweet than what the local bakery sells in order to really let the flavor of summer cherries shine. The result is this beautiful (and healthier) cherry yeast bread that is perfect on its own or slathered with butter. Is it so wrong? LOL

Nutritious Sautée Spinach & Strawberry Side Dish with Pistachios -
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Healthy Sautéed Creamed Spinach & Strawberry Side Dish with Pistachios

This dish of Sautéed Creamed Spinach & Strawberries came about one night when I was contemplating a side dish to serve with some fish I was cooking.

Since I had strawberries in the fridge that I needed to use before they spoiled, I tossed some into the sauteed creamed spinach I was preparing. The completed dish tasted amazing, and it was a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

Creamy Chicken Salad Recipe with Dried Apricots & Macadamia Nuts
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Sweet & Savory Creamy Chicken Salad with Dried Apricots & Macadamia Nuts

I find that a mix of dark and white meat chicken makes the best-tasting chicken salad. Store-bought rotisserie chicken is what I prefer when making a homemade chicken salad recipe.
When using onions in a non-cooked salad, I enjoy a red onion and think it is the sweetest. You can adjust the amount of red onion in the recipe depending on your taste. Chopped shallots may be used in place of the red onion for a slightly milder onion flavor.

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Creamy Dreamy Frozen Strawberry Whipped Keto Pops

Here at my house, we’re trying hard to lose weight by sticking to our new keto lifestyle eating plan. If you’re unfamiliar with the keto diet plan, it’s basically avoiding unhealthy carbohydrates and incorporating healthy fats into your daily eating, which is why I developed this recipe for Creamy Dreamy Frozen Strawberry Whipped Keto Pops.