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Beef Smoked Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole

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This quick to prepare 5-ingredient Beef Smoked Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole is a sure thing when it comes to pleasing every member of your family. #HillshireSausage #Spon

Smoke Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

A delicious and versatile ingredient I know can’t miss with when dinnertime preparation rolls around is, Hillshire Farm beef smoked sausage. Everyone in my family loves the tender, beefy, smoky flavor. Plus it’s cleaner and easier to work with than chicken, and it’s a can’t miss solution for an easy, fast and super tasty weeknight supper.

Tater tots are also a big hit in my household. Even when it’s only me and my husband eating. This is happening a lot more often these days as we (gratefully and gradually) work our way toward being empty-nesters for the first time in our married life. Don’t ask. It’s a long story and has been a looong time coming. LOL

Smoke Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

So it just seemed to me like a no-brainer to combine beef smoked sausage and tater tots, and then top them with eggs (because everything is better when topped with eggs).

To add a bit more of a zip to my dish, I sauteed some green pepper and onion and added them into the mix. However, if you’re not a fan of those ingredients, they’re totally optional, and you can leave them out.

Smoke Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

The result is what I’m calling Beef Smoked Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole. Simple and to the point. It’s one of those fabulous dishes that can do triple duty in your recipe repertoire. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Servings: 4       Prep and Cook Time:  40 minutes

1 package Hillshire Farm Beef Smoked Sausage, cut into bite-sized pieces
1 package (32 ounces) frozen tater tots
1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped (optional)
1 medium red onion, chopped (optional)
salt and pepper
4 over-easy eggs
Shredded cheddar cheese (not shown and optional)

-Prepare tater tots according to package directions. Season with salt and pepper.

-Meanwhile in a large stock pot over medium/high heat, brown the sausage stirring occasionally. If using, stir in the green bell pepper and onion. Saute an additional 3-4 minutes until the vegetables are tender.

-Add the cooked tater tots into the pot with the sausage and stir gently to combine. Pour the sausage and tater tots into a 4 quart casserole dish and top with shredded cheddar cheese if desired. Place in the oven to keep warm while preparing the eggs.

-Top the casserole with the over-easy eggs that have been seasoned with salt and pepper. Serve hot.




Beef Smoked Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

This post has been sponsored by Hillshire Farm, but as always the opinions I’ve shared about the ingredients and products are strictly my own.  #spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Hillshire. This could include Hillshire providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

If you love dipping your toast into the runny yolk of a sunny side up egg, just imagine a hot and crunchy tater tot dipped the same way. This Beef Smoked Sausage and Tater Tot Casserole is a meal that will win you unanimous thumbs up from your entire family (or maybe from just your significant other). Either way…it’s all good!

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Until we eat again,

Marlene Detierro

Tuesday 8th of December 2015

The photos are just fabulous! And the fall flavors lush. A magical post!

MarleneReverse Mortgages Kirkland

Nancy Piran

Thursday 26th of March 2015

Smoked sausages are a staple in our house! Love this casserole!

Sarah Walker Caron (Sarah's Cucina Bella)

Thursday 26th of March 2015

What a fun dinner! I recently discovered that we love tater tots too.


Wednesday 25th of March 2015

Everything is better with an egg on top!

Angie Barrett

Wednesday 25th of March 2015

I need this to be my breakfast in the morning!! Ps. we LOVE Hillshire Farm here!