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Deep Dish Garlic Lover’s Pizza!!!

Whenever we order pizza from our favorite local pizza joint, 9 times out of 10 we order their garlic lover’s pizza. Since that’s the case, back in 2011, I posted my version of the garlic lover’s pizza we love so much!

Today I’m updating the same post with all new photos and text, but the recipe remains unchanged except for the fact that this time I made my favorite deep dish garlic lover’s pizza in a cast iron skillet.

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Low Carb Zucchini Pizza Boats

I made these Zucchini Pizza Boats with the first zucchini harvest out of our garden. We usually don’t get our zucchinis picked until they’re as big as baseball bats. It’s not that we wait for that to happen, it just that we’re always late in getting them picked, and zucchinis grow so fast it seems as they can grow 8-10 inches in a day, but maybe I exaggerate!

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Kid Favorite Pepperoni Pizzadillas

These super simple Kid Favorite Pepperoni Pizzadillas taste just like thin crust pepperoni pizza, but they only take minutes to make thanks to store bought flour tortillas.  Kid Favorite Pepperoni Pizzadillas are more of a method than a recipe.  As long as you have flour tortillas, some pizza sauce and your favorite pizza toppings, you can …

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Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza

Don’t you just love a dish that does double duty by combining several of your favorite recipes and flavors into one amazing meal? That’s what this Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza is. A combination of pizza, along with chicken Alfredo, along with roasted broccoli. Can it get any better? I think not! When making this pizza, …

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