Caramel Apple Bread Pudding

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding

Today I’m proud and pleased to be sharing my recipe for Caramel Apple Bread Pudding with you. It’s warm and gooey, sweet and sticky, rich and decadent, and tart and tangy. What’s not to love?
Caramel Apple Bread Pudding via Kudos Kitchen by Renee

One of the things I love about this dessert is that it’s totally customizable to what you love. If you love raisins…add them. Nuts?…go for it! Pears instead of apples…Why not?!

Plus, if you really want to walk on the wild side, why not crush up some of your favorite candy bars (I’m partial to Butterfingers) and add them in with the apples. Oh yeah, baby! *note to self*… Next time for sure! 🙂

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding via Kudos Kitchen by Renee
  • Place the cubed bread into an 8″ x 8″ baking dish.
  • Add the apple chunks over top.
  • Mix together the eggs, apple cider, butter, and seasonings.
  • Pour the mixture over the bread and apples.
  • Cover and bake.





  • Unwrap and microwave the caramels along with a little bit of cream.
  • Pour the caramel sauce over the bread pudding and then return to the oven for approximately 10 minutes.


Caramel Apple Bread Pudding via Kudos Kitchen by Renee



You’re going to think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you smell this baking in the oven…And, when you take your first bite, you’ll know it for a fact!

Servings: 8-10         Prep Time:  15 minutes         Bake Time: 60 minutes

8-10 thick slices of Italian bread, cut into cubes
1 Granny Smith apple, peeled and cut into bite-sized chunks
4 tablespoons butter, melted
5 eggs, beaten
1 cup apple cider
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1 package caramels (11 ounces)
2 tablespoons heavy cream

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
-Prepare an 8″ x 8″ baking dish by spraying it with baking spray. Place the bread cubes into the baking dish. Top with the apples.
-In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the butter, eggs, apple cider, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and salt. Pour the egg mixture evenly over the bread and apples.
-Cover the dish with aluminum foil (making sure you’ve poked an air vent) and bake in a preheated oven for 50 minutes.
-In a medium-sized microwave bowl, melt the caramels and cream, on medium heat to reach a pouring consistency.
-Pour the caramel sauce over the bread pudding and return it to the oven, uncovered, for an additional 10 minutes.
-Allow to cool for at least 30 minutes and then serve warm.

Oh, and I wish I would have thought of it sooner…a little sprinkling of sea salt over the top, just before serving would be the bee’s knees.

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding via Kudos Kitchen by Renee


Caramel Apple Bread Pudding via Kudos Kitchen by Renee


Caramel Apple Bread Pudding via Kudos Kitchen by Renee

Speaking of the “Bee’s Knees”…how about this for a fun custom mug a client requested I paint for her brother, the beekeeper? Pretty cute, don’t you think? Oh, “honey,” I’m home! LOL

The Bee's Knees painted coffee mug via Kudos Kitchen by Renee


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Until we eat again,



  1. I've never seen such an amazing looking bread pudding! Bread pudding always seemed boring but this one is far from that! And the mug is so cute. I was hoping they were available online as I want to maybe buy one for my husband in the future. 🙂 Can those be microwaved? And can you pour boiling water in there (for tea?)

    • Renee Goerger

      Hi Erin! Thank you so much for your comments about my caramel apple bread pudding. You're 100% correct, it's anything but boring. LOL
      As far as the mug, I'm glad you like it. Yes, all my mugs are completely microwave and boiling water safe. I didn't have this specific design listed in my shop because it was a custom order but I'm going to head over to my shop now to add it. If you're interested in purchasing it, please either email me at: or head on over to my shop and look under the cups and mug selection. Thanks again, Erin! I hope you have a lovely day!

    • Neat! Thanks so much for the reply. 🙂 I don't currently live in the US (and shipping anything here is a pain and so very expensive!) so I'll be getting back to you when I'm back in the US. Thanks again!

  2. This looks lovely as do the cups, very cute!

  3. Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez

    …..aaaaaand, now I can't stop thinking about Butterfingers in my bread pudding! 😉 This looks amazing, Renee – I mean anything caramel + apple is bliss anyway, but in a bread pudding? Yes!

  4. Cookin' Canuck

    Why can't everyday be National Dessert Day? This looks fantastic, Renee! That caramel turns this into something really special.

  5. Ginny McMeans

    Whoa! My husband would die for this. It is over the top amazing.

  6. Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    Oh my word..that picture of the caramel sauce being poured on top. I want to eat that with a spoon! This is amazing, Renee!

  7. Back for Seconds

    This looks utterly divine!!!

  8. This looks like it would be my favorite way to enjoy caramel apples 🙂

  9. This looks sticky and sweet and fabulous!

  10. Bread pudding happens to be one of my favorite desserts! Looks amazing!

  11. Bread pudding makes me weak in the knees. 😀

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