Honey Green Beans with White Wine, Bacon and Walnuts

Fresh green beans get special attention with a sauce made of white wine, butter, bacon, walnuts and a drizzle of honey to finish. 
Honey Green Beans with White Wine, Bacon and Walnuts Recipe / Kudos Kitchen by Renee
Hi everybody! I have a wonderful new vegetable recipe for Honey Green Beans with White Wine, Bacon, and Walnuts for you that I think you’re really going to love.

Honey Green Beans with White Wine, Bacon and Walnuts Recipe / Kudos Kitchen by Renee
Thesedressed-upp green beans are super simple to make, and they come together in only a matter of minutes if you use the fresh green beans you can find in the produce section of the market. You know the ones, right? The fresh green beans that you can steam right in their produce bags by popping them in the microwave for only a few minutes. A lot of times I’ll eat these green beans for lunch with a little drizzle of avocado oil and a squeeze of lime. Delicious!
Naturall,y you can also place fresh green beans in a large microwave dish and add a tiny splash of water, cover, and microwave a few minutes until tender. Frozen green beans will work here too by microwaving them until tender and then draining them if needed. 
Once you’ve prepared the beans, set them aside while you prepare the bacon and white wine sauce. You’re now only moments away from a delicious side dish that compliments anything else on your dinner plate. Or you can eat them all by themselves (like I did the next day for lunch with the leftovers)! Shhh. That will be our little secret. LOL
Honey Green Beans with White Wine, Bacon and Walnuts Recipe / Kudos Kitchen by Renee
Servings: 6-8       Prep and Cook Time:  15 minutes
1 ½ pounds fresh green beans, trimmed,cooked, and kept warm.
¼ pound bacon, cut into pieces
1 cup roughly chopped walnuts
2 cloves garlic, minced
¼ cup white wine
2 tablespoons butter
1 ½ teaspoons salt
½ teaspoon pepper
3 tablespoons honey
-In a large skillet over medium/high heat, cook the bacon until semi-crisp. Remove bacon to a paper towel lined plate and remove all but 1 tablespoon of the bacon grease from the pan.
-Reduce the heat to medium. Add the walnuts and garlic into the pan. Cook and stir about 1-2 minutes to toast the walnuts and mellow the garlic.
-Stir in the wine and butter, making sure to scrape up all the browned bits from the bottom of the pan.
-Add the cooked green beans into the pan along with the salt and pepper. Gently toss the green beans in the wine and walnuts. Simmer for 1-2 minutes.
-Pour the beans and the sauce with walnuts into a serving bowl and drizzle with honey to finish.
-Serve hot.
Honey Green Beans with White Wine, Bacon and Walnuts Recipe / Kudos Kitchen by Renee
I hope you’ve enjoyed this elegant way to spruce up everyday green beans. It may not be the way you choose to serve them everyday, but for a special occasion, they really hit the mark.
I’ve decided to coordinate this Honey Green Beans with White Wine, Bacon and Walnuts recipe with this custom painted nurses wine glass because I love this wine glass design as much as I love this green bean recipe 🙂  Yeah, I know it’s a stretch. but what can I say?!? LOL
Custom Whimsical Nurses Painted Wine Glass
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  1. Now THAT is the kind of green bean casserole I'd like to hang out with! Beautiful dish!

  2. I have to admit – green beans are my least favorite vegetable, but after seeing this recipe – I think I'd grow to love them!

  3. The Food Hunter

    you had me at bacon!

  4. What a great idea to add a little crunch with the walnuts!

  5. Back for Seconds

    We all LOVE green beans. Must try these!

  6. Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    I love the walnuts and bacon together!! Great dish!!

  7. That sauce looks amazing! I could totally get into eating green beans this way.

  8. The Redhead Baker

    Green beans are one of my favorite veggies! Love the sound of that sauce!

  9. why oh why have I never put bacon with my green beans? Clearly something is wrong with me. Thanks for a the wonderful inspiration!

  10. The bacon on top is calling me!!!!!

  11. This is a spectacular recipe for green beans. Wowzer!

  12. Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez

    Brillllliant idea – honey! These are totally making my mouth water, I want them in my life. Today.

  13. I would totally pick off all that bacon and hand the beans over to my husband, the veggie lover. I'm cool with just the bacon. 😀

  14. My kids love green beans but they most definitely would love them with bacon on top!

  15. I really need to try this one. It look absolutely delicious.

  16. Drool! I want to eat this entire plate (and also, I want to eat green beans with avocado oil and lime! That sounds divine!).

  17. Green beans gone fancy plus bacon. I really love your style.

  18. Nikki @ NikSnacks

    I love your fancy beans!

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