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Carrot and Leek Gratin ~ Plus a Cookbook Giveaway

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This incredible tasting Carrot and Leek Gratin will surprise and delight your taste buds with sweet carrots, mildly pungent leeks and the lightest touch of horseradish.
Carot and Leek Gratin -

Dear Readers, I have a wonderful recipe for you today along with a cookbook giveaway that I’m so pleased to be able to offer you. The recipe I’m sharing with you is for Carrot and Leek Gratin and it’s from a fabulous new cookbook by Kerry Dunnington called “Tasting the Seasons – Inspired, In-Season Cuisine that’s Easy, Healthy, Fresh and Fun.”

I’m sure we can all agree; it’s a beautiful cover for a cookbook and one that makes you want to open its pages and dig into the recipes. I had the great pleasure of doing just that, and now so can you! Together, Kerry and I are offering one lucky winner their own signed-by-the author copy of Tasting the Seasons. But more on that later.

First, let me whet your whistle a little more about what you can expect from this beautiful book, and then get your fork ready to dive into Kerry’s delectable Carrot and Leek Gratin.

“Tasting the Seasons” is infused with Kerry’s highly evolved environmental outlook on food.” “Her refined and well-cultivated tastes are demonstrated by her recipe selection of crowd-pleasing appetizers, novel breakfast and brunch menus and a variety of soups.”

“Chapters include appetizers, enhancers, breakfast and lunch, hearty soups, lighter than hearty soups, Pescatarian main dishes, meat, chicken and pork dishes, vegetarian cold and warm garden greenery dishes, bread, buscuits, rolls and sweet endings.”

Here’s a little breakdown of some of the recipe titles you’ll find throughtout a few of the chapters:

       Tomato and Basil Stuffed Brie
       Crab Fritters
       Crispy Mushroom Rolls

Breakfast and Brunch:
        Puffed Savory Egg Strudel
        Hot-Buttered-Rum Pumpkin Pancakes
        French-Toasted Croissants with Blueberry Sauce

Pescatarian Main Dishes:
        Polenta Lasagna
        Fresh Tomato and Cheddar Pie
        Lemon-Dressed Lobster Tails

Cold Garden Greenery Side Dishes:
        Honeyed Pecan Salad with Tangerine Vinigrette
        Kohlrabi Coleslaw
        Rainbow Radish Rice

Warm Garden Greenery Side Dishes:
        *Carrot and Leek Gratin*
        Parsley Parmesan Garlic Stuffing
        Roasted Romano Red Potatoes

Breads, Biscuits, Rolls
        Caraway Cheese Batter Bread
        Oatmeal Rolls
        Vegetable Flat Cakes with Basil Cream

Sweet Endings:
        Baked Alaska
        Whirled Peaches and Amaretto
        Coconut Lime Cake

And, if all that wasn’t enough Kerry also shares her ideas and strategies for successful entertaining, along with a chapter on how to choose and prepare foods incorporating ecologically sound principles. In addition, Kerry shares informative food-related information, such as what those little stickers on produce are really telling you. She’ll then give you tips on how to turn that produce into an attractive table centerpiece for your next dinner party, and then how to turn it into something tasty to eat.

I know, right? Kerry’s got you covered!

This cookbook is so packed with valuable information, and amazingly mouthwatering dishes that once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down!

And now without further ado, here is Kerry’s recipe for Carrot and Leek Gratin (found on page 207). The only small adjustment I made to Kerry’s original recipe is that I cut back on the prepared horseradish from five tablespoons to three. Other than that, this is Kerry’s recipe to a T.

Servings:  6-8         Prep Time: 15 minutes         Bake Time: 55 minutes

2 tablespoons butter
4 cups shredded carrots (about 6 medium)
2 cups cleaned and sliced leeks (about 2 large)
3 tablespoons prepared horseradish (or more to suit your taste)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 freshly ground black pepper
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup milk (I used 2%0
2 eggs
1/3 cup dry bread crumbs
1/2 cup shredded white cheddar cheese

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

-Prepare a 2 quart baking dish with a light spray of cooking spray. Set aside.

-In a large sauté pan over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the carrots and leeks and cook until tender (about 4-5 minutes). Remove from heat and stir in the horseradish, salt and pepper. Spoon the carrot and leek mixture evenly into the prepared baking dish.

-In a medium bowl, whisk together the heavy cream, milk and eggs. Pour the milk and egg mixture evenly over the carrot and leeks. Bake uncovered in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.

-In a small bowl, combine the bread crumbs and cheese. Remove the gratin from the oven and distribute the bread crumb and cheese mixture evenly over the partially baked gratin. Replace the gratin back into the oven and bake uncovered for an additional 25 minutes or until the cheese is nicely browned.

-Serve immediately.

Carrot and Leek Gratin -

Prepare the carrots by using a food processor fitted with the shredding blade, or grate the carrots on a box grater.


Clean the leeks well in a sink of water to remove the grit in between the layers and slice the leeks thinly. Sauté the shredded carrots and leeks in butter until tender.


Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the salt, pepper and prepared horseradish. Spoon the carrot and leek mixture evenly into a prepared baking dish.


In a medium bowl, whisk together the cream, milk and eggs. Pour the milk and egg mixture evenly over the carrots and leeks. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Sweet carrots, mildly pungent leeks and the lightest touch of horseradish.


Remove the gratin from the oven. Mix tegether the bread crumbs and shredded cheese. Distribute the cheese and bread crumb mixture evenly over the gratin and place the gratin back into the oven and continue baking for 25 minutes or until the cheese is nice and golden brown.


When I was in contact with Kerry about the recipe I finally chose to make from her book (believe me, I had a very hard time choosing), this was her response: “Carrot and Leek Gratin is a crowd pleasing recipe, people come back for thirds.” I can see why, Kerry! This is one of the tastiest side dishes I’ve ever had, and I look forward to having it grace our Easter dinner table this year.

And now for the moment you’ve all be waiting for…

Here is your chance to enter to win Kerry Dunnington’s “Tasting the Seasons.”



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This giveaway runs until March 8th and is open to US residents only. The winner will be notified via email that they have won and will have 24 hours to claim their prize (and send a mailing address) or another winner will be drawn. Thank you to all who enter.

Kerry’s cookbook is now one of my favorites, and it’s definitely one I am very proud to add to my collection. I know you’ll feel the same way as I do about this beautiful book. For more of Kerry Dunnington’s cookbook selections, please click here. And don’t forget to visit Kerry’s website here.

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Until we eat again,


Friday 6th of March 2015

I just love cookbooks like this. They can be such a great referene and this gratin looks great!

Brittany Koelmel

Thursday 5th of March 2015

I think that pumpkin is probably my favorite!

Kim Bee

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Love the cover of that cookbook. I'm a leek fanatic. It's so under-rated by so many people. This looks so scrumptious.

Bea @ The Not So Cheesy Kitchen

Tuesday 3rd of March 2015

The carrot and leak combination is just perfect; nice review.


Tuesday 3rd of March 2015