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Woof Wednesday – Volume Two

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“Here goes mom again…trying to tempt us with more of her wonderful looking food that she likes to set out by the front window, right next to the couch that we like to stand on, to look out that same window.”

“Sometimes we like to pretend that we don’t notice all that good looking food…but you know what?”

“We DO!” “Especially when there’s MEAT involved!”

“And then there are times when mom thinks she’s really smart by taking pictures of us when she thinks we think she’s taking pictures of the food.”  “But we know that she’s really taking pictures of us, and for once we’re just going to cooperate because hey, there might be a chance that we’ll get a taste of all of mom’s yummy food if we just stand still and behave ourselves.”

“We’re waiting mom!” “Don’t you need taste testers for all this food anyway?” “We’ll give it two paws up for sure!” BOL (Barking Out Loud)

“Until we woof again,”
Ivy, Nellie and Nutmeg

Hand Painted Dog Treat Canister
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Liz Berg

Thursday 3rd of April 2014

LOL...I have a feeling your pups were dying for a nibble!!!

Renee Goerger

Sunday 6th of April 2014

HaHa! They're always dying for a nibble, Liz. We've never been ones to feed them people food but that doesn't mean they don't notice when it's placed right in front of their faces. Poor little things. They're so abused and mistreated...not! LOLRenee