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Woof Wednesday – Ivy’s Adventures

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“Hi everyone, Ivy speaking!” “There are a TON of pictures floating around (swimming pun not intended) of me and my doggy sisters, me and my people brothers, and even me and my daddy. But what there isn’t a lot of, are pictures of me and my mommy!” “Here we are this past weekend in the swimming pool.” “The water was just perfect, and maybe you can see that I’m so relaxed and comfortable that I could barley keep my eyes open.” *yawn*

“I just love hanging out by the pool on hot summer days and sometimes I even like to go boating.”

“We live right by a forest preserve so sometimes we get a lot of odd creatures that also enjoy using our pool.” “See?”

“This year we even found a crayfish swimming on the bottom of the pool which is weird because we don’t know where he came from.” “We live near Chicago so it’s not like we’re in bayou country or anything!” “Oh well, it was an interesting find, even if it creeped mom out!” “And no, we did not eat him!” “Dad put him in the front yard pond so he could make new friends in water that is more suited to him and his-kind.”

“Most times, we’re just all on the lookout for interesting things when we’re by the pool.” “You just never know when something unusual will float by…like a FEATHER!” “I guess we’re all pretty simple because it doesn’t take much to captive our attention!”

“Well, I’m getting pretty tired so it’s time for me to crawl up onto a pile of deck cushions, dry off, and have a little rest.”

“What?” You’ve never heard of the princess and the pea before?” BOL (barking out loud).

Until we woof again,