Woof Wednesday – Pet Friends – Meet Olive

Meet Pam’s girl Olive. Here is what Pam has to say about her:

 “Olive was born in Mesa, AZ, she is a three year old Standard English Bull Terrier.” 

She was the runt of the litter having to be hand fed as the litter would not let her nurse with mom. 
Being the runt she is the size of a Mini Bull Terrier, 35 pounds instead of the standard 50+ pounds.” 
Olive’s favorite toy is her yellow egg and one toy she is unable to destroy.  Olive does not handle the heat (like me) but thrives in the winter and loves to go for hikes and play in the snow.”
Her favorite food is the Pumpkin Peanut Butter cookies that I make for her.  Olive has never learned to jump, she has to be lifted into the truck or on our bed.  Olive stays trim by chasing the deer, foxes and rabbits around our house.”
Thank you so much for sharing Olive with us today, Pam. She certainly is a beauty and you can tell she leads a very happy doggy life with a mom that bakes cookies especially for her (by the way, I’d love that recipe if you’d care to share). 
How great that she gets to run and chase all sorts of animals around her home that keeps her fit and trim along with having a blast doing it. Lucky dog!

I actually had my first acquaintance with Olive a few years back when one of Pam’s dear friends commissioned a painted tile from me of Pam’s (at that time) blog design  Living Rancho Delux. Because of Pam’s extreme love for Olive, it was requested that she (Olive) be the primary feature on the tile. Here is that tile:

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed meeting Olive today and that she’s made your day a little brighter.

If you’d like to have your pet (cat, dog, bird, horse, you name it) featured in Woof Wednesday’s – Pet Friend’s edition, please email me your photos along with the reason your baby is so special to you. Then, stay tuned because before long your pet will be the star of the day. WOOF!

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Until we woof again,


  1. Thank you so much Renee for featuring Olive and I will get you that recipe for the dog cookies.

  2. Olive's yellow egg toy is quite big and must give her a lot of enjoyment as she tries to get the best of it 🙂 She's a very nice looking dog and it's pretty cool that you first came to know of her when you did a painted tile for Pam's site. Though I'm sure there are many more, Olive is the first dog I've heard of that does not jump!

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