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Woof Wednesday – Ivy: A Study in Black and White

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So here it is, the night before Woof Wednesday (Woof Wednesday Eve, if you will) and mom just realized that she doesn’t have anything prepared for tomorrow’s post. What is she thinking? It’s almost as if she thinks she has a life outside of our 12 paws or something (16 if you count that crazy cat), but I know that’s not really true…. sheesh mom, let’s get with the program!

So guess what she does? She takes out that darned camera of hers, on a Tuesday night, and starts wildly snapping away taking random pictures of me. Doesn’t she know that I basically look the same in every picture she’s ever taken of me? Let’s face it mom, it’s not like I’m all that emotionally animated unless there’s food around, a squirrel in the backyard, or the UPS man is at the front door! BOL (Barking Out Loud)!

And, if you don’t already know, I’m quite the “drama queen” (at least that’s what mom says) and I never want to give away too many of my emotions, especially if mom is trying to take pictures! I like to keep things low key, and put on my best “pouty face” for the camera! It’s all for the art, you know!

The only thing I can hope for is that mom decides to post these photos in black and white! There’s nothing that sets off my best features as the simplicity of black and white photos. Even if I’m not smiling, at least I look pretty darned regal…see what I mean?

And then this happened…

Honestly, she should have warned me!

Until we woof again,


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

I never get tired of staring at photos or your stunning babies... Ivy is magnificent, a girl after my own heart. The black and white portraits are beautiful!