Becoming My Own Wonder Woman

Since being on twitter (you can find me @kudoskitchen), I’ve been inspired by some amazing women to do/and try some amazing things.

Most recently I’ve been inspired to train myself to run in a 5K.  It’s something I always thought I’d like to try and become (a runner) but something I never really thought I could honestly do.  After all, I’m no athlete and I’m certainly no longer in my youth.  I’m just an average woman (soon to be 53) who’s going through…
wait for it…
menopause!!! (Insert creepy, dramatic music here).

In this stage of my life I’m fortunate enough to be dealing with raging hormones, menopausal weight gain and a severe case of identity crisis.  Oh, let’s not forget those wonderful hot flashes, night sweats and a major inability to sleep through the night.

So why then would I decide now to become a runner?  Why not?

*It’s time I put myself first on the list!
*It’s time I start deflecting ‘life’s bullets’ with my wrist bands!
*It’s time I tie on my cape and acknowledge the fact that I am strong and I am capable!
*It’s time to take back my life and not let the bad guys (excess calories and sedentary lifestyle) win!
*It’s time to become my own…WONDER WOMAN!!!

So what does this painting video have to do with running a 5K you ask?  Not too much honestly. LOL
It was just a good way to introduce my video and tell my tale to anyone else who may find a little bit of inspiration in my life’s journey and possibly want to join me in a quest to become better, stronger and more in control of life!  Are you with me? 

Running a 5K is not a prerequisite for taking control of your life.  It is an option.  It’s one that I intend to see through (eventually) but it may not be an option that is right for you.  Just make a change.  Start small and see it through. Do it again tomorrow and then the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that.

Do it so you’ll feel proud of yourself each and everyday!   Do it so you’ll feel as though you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Do it and become your own super hero!!!

Hand Painted Wonder Woman Glassware

Thanks for letting me tell you my story.  I’d love to hear what type of things inspire you to become your own Wonder Woman.  I’m here for you if you like to leave a comment. I promise I’ll respond because we all need to support one another in our quest.

Oh, by the way, all of my painted glassware is available through my shop should you decide you need some further inspiration 🙂

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Woo hoo, Renee!!! I love your WW glassware…and I love that you started the C25K!!! Yay!

  2. I love your WW glassware also, I keep telling you, you are so talented.
    After reading Bridget's post I am also training myself to run in a 5K!

  3. Congrats! I just finished my C25K yesterday (it took me an extra month, but I did it!) It's a great feeling to know you can do it. And you can!

  4. Congratulations and best of luck with C25K, you really are incredibly talented your WW glasses are amazing

  5. Well Renee, you and I are sharing the same issues and the same age too. I can't run though because of a hip and back issue and takes all I have to just walk, and the heat is keeping me from that. I hope that you succeed, now you inspire me to not give up. Good luck!

  6. I really appreciate all the words of encouragement and support! You guys never fail to lift my spirits and mood.
    I too send out congratulations and praise to all who are trying to improve yourselves by taking it one day at a time. You rock ladies!!!

  7. I think it is awesome that you are training yourself to run a 5K, just awesome! I admire anyone who runs and especially those around my age. I am not a runner in fact, I hate running and no I will never begin a training program. Having said that, I am behind you on this 100% and wish you all the best. I'll be watching your tweets and your posts as always but now, not just to see what you are cooking or painting but to follow your progress on this journey to self-improvement. So, I hope you keep us all posted because we really do care how you are doing.
    I love your Wonder Woman glassware!

  8. Love the glasses. We are on the same page (although I'm not ready to train for a 5K) I'll be 54 in a few months and I started TurboFire in Feb and I'm now on day 5 of hiking 4.5 miles on the mountain. Menopause started kicking my butt two months ago and I'm ready to pull my hair out no being able to get a good nights sleep. I keep hoping all this exercise will help me sleep through the night. Wishing you the best with your 5K.

  9. Right here with ya! I started week one for the second time. I hit my all time weight high, and feeling low recently and I am ready for a change! Go Renee!

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