When Life Gives You Lemons – Decorate!!!

I haven’t done many blog posts about my painted glassware items but that’s all about to change.  This time I’ve coordinated a hand painted wine glass with a 6×8 tile because I just loved the design so much.  I hope you will to… Here are the completed items and if you’ll scroll through the pictures, you’ll get to see how I got to this point.

It all starts with the base coat of a pale, pale mint green.  Colors need to be mixed.  White with a tiny drop of leaf green will do the trick.

Next come the stripes in a slightly darker shade of green.  I get this color by adding more green to my pale mint color.  Just a little bit at a time until I come to a shade I find pleasing.

The wine glass is also getting it’s stripes on but I guess I forget to take a photo of that particular step.  You’ll also notice that I take a deeper shade of green and outline the thick green stripes.  I think it adds just a little bit more interest.  Next comes the vines and leaves.

After vines and leaves comes the detailing of the leaves.  Lighter and darker shades add life and interest.

Bring on the lemons.  Big and small, gotta have them all…(ha, sorry).

You’ll notice that I keep forgetting to take pictures of the wine glass.  See, I told you I’m not used to doing posts about them.  Just know that at the same time as the tile, the wine glass is also having it lemons added.

They’re just about complete.  Some shading, highlighting and outlining of the lemons needs to be done and then the final step of adding the frame color.  It’s the period to the sentence that completes each piece.  Oh, I almost forgot my signature.  I sign and date each piece too 🙂

When everything is completely dry, I seal the items with a gloss glaze for durability and long life.  I don’t take photos of my items after I glaze them because they’re harder to photograph if they’re too shiny.  After 10 days of cure time (from the completion date of each item), they’re completely dishwasher safe. You’re welcome 🙂

There you have them.  It’s been a real treat for me to show you this design in the making.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.  I’ll look forward to showing you more of my painted pieces soon so I hope you’ll come back often to see what I’ve been painting up in my Kudos Kitchen. 

BTW, I love special orders so don’t be shy about contacting me.  How fun would it be for you to have some coordinated pieces in your own kitchen and dining room to match your favorite dinnerware? AWESOME!

If you’re interested in purchasing this, or any of my other pieces, you can drop me an email or visit my shop.  I think you’ll like it there.  It’s bright and cheerful and parking is never a problem 🙂

Until next time,


  1. Great idea to pair up your tiles with matching glasses! Love your process and these lemon decorated glasses and tile are very fresh and summery!

  2. Wow!! they came out so cute. You are an artist!!

  3. Lemons are beautiful period. I love this. One of my favorite things. It amazes me that you can do so many "looks" so well! ♥

  4. PS, dont count this, but that could be my motto!

  5. How pretty and bright!

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