1. That looks fabulous! Love it!

  2. Wow–that's wonderful! And my gosh, what a great job you did–it's beautiful!

  3. A post from the heart, with a trivet accent. Beautiful.

  4. Renee — it's great read about how you work step-by-step. Thank you so much for the tile – I can't wait to see it 'for real'.

  5. Really, so exciting, Renee! It looks fabulous!

  6. Great job! Its perfection!!!

  7. Gracious! What an amazing and beautiful talent you have!

    Bravo, You!

  8. She will be thrilled, I'm sure! VERY talented lady, you are!!!

  9. It looks exactly like the original – way to go!

  10. OMG! that is so awesome!!! Gorgeous work!!!!

  11. Amazing work! It is beautiful!