Thinking “On Top” Of The Box!

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I am very proud and pleased to announce that I have added a few “new and improved” items to my line of hand painted, custom tiles and I am absolutely thrilled to be able offer them to you. I could not be more excited about these items as I know they’ll be products you’ll love too.

I’m calling them trinket or treasure boxes and trays and they are designed to fit in any room in your home, school or office. From a child’s bedroom to an adults, from your den to your kitchen, from your bathroom to closet, for your desk or your counter top… and for men or for women alike! If you have an interest or passion, a hobby or craft, a design or a inspiration piece that you’re simply crazy about then I can paint a tile for you that best suits who you are, and what you’re into.  Then, by adding your own custom tile to the top of a sturdily crafted wooden box or tray makes it a keepsake piece like never before.  Now, that’s certainly “thinking ‘on top’ of the box!” 🙂

These boxes and trays are crafted out of alder wood and in their natural state are the color of pine. However, they can also be custom painted to coordinate with your specific hand painted tile or room decor.  Nothing is off limits if it suits your specific tastes. 

The box measures 7″ square and fits a 6″ square hand painted tile.  It is available with a removable lid or a hinged lid and stands 2 1/4″ tall when closed.

The small tray measures 13″ long, and is 6 3/4″ wide.  It stands 2 1/2″ tall at the handles and fits 2 – 6″ square hand painted tiles.

The large tray measures 19″ long, and is 13″ wide.  It stands 2 1/2″ tall at the handles and fits either 6 – 6″ square hand painted tiles or 12 – 4″ square hand painted tiles.

Below are a few examples of some boxes and trays (complete with my hand painted tiles) to give you a better idea of the different applications they can be used for.  Please note: The items shown here are not custom pieces (click here for ordering the items shown below) and you are in no way limited by these designs.  Anything you can dream or desire can be painted onto a tile and then added to your own trinket or treasure boxes and trays.  As always, you can email me your design ideas and inspirations and I’ll get back to you with your own specific design quote.  Please be aware that each piece is uniquely different and that prices will vary due to the design detail and the amount of tiles involved.

How about your own favorite golf course for this treasure tray?  Send me a photo of a score card (complete with hole by hole diagram) and you’ll have a special piece that’s almost as good as a hole in one! LOL

If you’ve visited my blog before, you hopefully already know a little bit about my art.  Most likely you can also tell that I am by no means a marketing or advertising whiz. I wasn’t designed for that. I’m an artist, and after many different attempts to find my true artistic calling, I’ve happily honed my skills at painting custom ceramic tiles and various glassware items.  My custom painted pieces are, and always have been, designed totally for you. They showcase your own specific passions and your own unique interests.  That will never change.

However, bringing my art to you and trying to generate interest in it is like me pulling out my own teeth.  I would much rather sit in the background creating, then to be out in front of you trying to peddle my wares.  It’s not a comfortable feeling to me and it’s like I’m opening my soul for the world to see. 

That being said, if I want to continue to bring you my quality products and continue doing what I love, I simply must get over the akwardness of it and get the word out about my products. Especially now that I’ve finally found my true niche in the world with my one-of-a-kind and unique offerings.  After all, I can now boldly say that I am very proud of myself, my art and the products I’ve been able to produce.  I’m finally ready to embrace the feeling and claim it like never before.  Woot!

As always, your opinions and suggestions are extremely important to me and always have been.  Without you, there would be no way I could have ever dreamed of producing such unique and original design products and I value whatever type of feedback you’d care to share.  It is my hope that with your continued support my custom painted products will be widely known and recognized as a much loved and desired, decorative decor item. 

I thank you in advance for allowing me to dream big in my own little world.


  1. These are wonderful!!! What an excellent idea to show off your tiles!! Good job!

  2. I of course love the Paris shopping one! Oh and the Mad Men tv tray – Genius! You go girl!

  3. These are amazing!! You really are a true artist! Nice work Renee.~ Paul

  4. I do love these Renee! So many uses for them and such a wonderful gift idea. Have to say, that Mad Men one is my favourite so far. One day I just may get to see the series!

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