Take Me To Your Gentle Leader

Hello out there in blog land.  It’s me, Nellie and I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself. I’m almost 2 1/2years old and I weigh about 34 pounds.  I know it’s not like a lady to tell her weight but my vet says I’m the perfect weight for the size dog I am so I figure, why not flaunt my good points!
My parents got me a few years ago from a shelter when I was just a puppy.  I fell in love with them at first sight and was on my best behavior that day to insure that they would take me home to become a member of their family.  It worked.  They fell in love with me that day too and I found my forever home.  Little did we all know that as I grew and matured that some odd behavior traits of mine would start to show.
My parents were told that I was a Schnauzer “mix” but unfortunately we don’t know what I’m mixed with!  My mom sometimes thinks I’m mixed with coyote. I know she is only kidding when she says that but sometimes even I have to wonder if it’s true.  I’m basically a good girl with a sweet disposition but I also have some quirks that cause us all to shake our heads in wonder.
I’m deathly afraid of thunder storms and lightning (lets not even mention the 4th of July).  I know that’s not too unusual for lots of dogs but I have this uncanny way of predicting storms, even if they’re hours off.  The network news could use me as their go-to weather forecaster.  As soon as I get a whiff that a storm is coming, I’ll run and hide under my parents bed and won’t come out no matter who tries to coax me.  Because I know that when it storms it also gets dark, I even have a fear of going outside in the evening too.  I didn’t always used to be like that but I am now.  I’ll stand by the door and watch my sister Ivy go out but sometimes I can’t bring myself to join her.  Luckily I’m really good at holding it 🙂
Because I’m the fearful sort, I bark. A lot!!  I bark when people are walking on the street, when I see a strange car in somebodies driveway, when there are critters out and about in our neighborhood (even from far, far away), when I hear noises of any type and sometimes just because I like to hear myself and I imagine all the things that COULD be going on outside but aren’t.  Oh, and I shake too.  An all over complete body shake and has every bit of me quivering and panting.  Not a pretty sight.
In order to make me more comfortable in my own skin, mom and dad have really tried getting me out of the house more to become more social and at ease.  It seemed to have been working (a little) until this past weekend when they decided to take me and Ivy to Mallard lake for a nice walk in some different surroundings.  My energy level that day was extremely high and the car ride was making me a nervous wreck.  My mom did her best to calm me down and focused in the car, but I wasn’t having it.
By the time we got out of the car, I was uncontrollable!  I wouldn’t walk on my leash comfortably at all!  I was a bit like a bucking bronco and I was barking at such a fever pitch that people were staring at my mom like she was torturing me.  She wasn’t, and truth be told it was more like I was torturing HER.  Anytime that I would see another dog or possibly some passing children I flew into this other doggy personality that I didn’t recognize.  I’m not the sort to scare little children (I like little children) but that day I didn’t care who I scared.
It was at that point that we knew we immediately needed to make a change if I was going to continue life with my happy family and so that I could live in a relaxed and happy manner being comfortable in my own doggy fur.  Enter the “Gentle Leader”…
The very next day, mom went out to the pet store to try and find something that would help us out of this unhappy situation.  Now, this may look like a bit of a torture device but once it’s fitted properly on my snout (thankfully it came with an instructional DVD) I feel a sense of calm come over me that I don’t quite understand but that I really do enjoy.  We’ve only had it a few days but I really think it’s going to make a huge difference in my social skills and that makes me and mom very happy!
I’ll keep you posted on my progress because I really am a sweet girl who just needs a little push in the right direction.  I know that my family loves me and will do whatever it takes to make me happy and secure. Oh happy day, this is cause for a good roll in the grass!
Love and licks,


  1. Love you Nellie! Can't wait to see you and Ivy!!!

  2. Oh Nellie! How cute are you. I fully understand where you are coming from with your fear of storms, new places, loud noises, new people. I'm like you in a lot of ways. I came into my new family with lots of baggage too and because they love me and care for me like one of their own, I'm slowly becoming less afraid of everything. It sure is nice to be loved eh Nellie?! 2 Paws Up from Maximus.

  3. WHat a sweety! Sorta wishing Nellie was my BFF and not a dog. 😉

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