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Monte Cristo Tortilla Roll Ups -

Monte Cristo Appetizer Roll-Ups

I love a good Monte Cristo sandwich and always have. It is because of that love I’ve come up with this new twist on the classic sandwich.

These delectable little Monte Cristo appetizers will be a surefire hit with your family and friends whenever you serve them! They’re crunchy, sweet, savory, and completely addicting!

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Sweet & Savory Monte Cristo Blueberry French Toast

Sweet & Savory Monte Cristo Blueberry French Toast #BrunchWeek

Imagine biting into a crispy and slightly sweet piece of French toast only to be surprised and delighted it’s been filled with a sweet cream cheese and blueberry¬†spread, tender slices of ham and turkey in addition to some gooey melted cheddar cheese. Heaven, right? You bet! This recipe original for¬†Monte Cristo Blueberry Stuffed French Toast I developed for #BrunchWeek 2018 is everything I’d hoped it would be…and more!

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Kid Favorite Pepperoni Pizzadillas

These super simple Kid Favorite Pepperoni Pizzadillas taste just like thin crust pepperoni pizza, but they only take minutes to make thanks to store bought flour tortillas.  Kid Favorite Pepperoni Pizzadillas are more of a method than a recipe.  As long as you have flour tortillas, some pizza sauce and your favorite pizza toppings, you can …

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BBQ Turkey in Corn Muffin Bowls

This kid friendly recipe of BBQ Turkey in Corn Muffin Bowls are as fun to make as they are to eat. They’ll soon become a family favorite. The inspiration for this recipe came from the refrigerated dairy case at my local grocery store. While I was standing there looking at tubed crescent rolls (you know …

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Aloha Turkey Burgers

We love this Aloha Turkey Burger so much that the first time I made them, we gobbled them up so fast that there weren’t any leftovers for pictures.

This time, I made sure to put one aside before we sat down to eat, and I hid it in the back fridge along with a note saying “save me” on the container just to be sure.

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