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Deliciously Easy One-Bowl Strawberry Banana Bread with Almonds

Before I delve too far into this recipe I need to tell you that this Strawberry Banana Bread tastes great with, or without, the nuts. If you’re not a fan of almonds (or nuts in general), you are by all means welcome to leave them out of this recipe entirely. I promise I won’t tell, and you’ll still enjoy the flavor of this deliciously easy bread.However, you’re a fan of nuts, then by all means…add them. The texture and crunch they provide are a nice contrast to this super moist bread.

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Super Easy Strawberry Bread with Rhubarb and Bananas – #TwelveLoaves

What tastes better in spring than fresh, plump strawberries? Not much in my book.

Now, pair those luscious berries with some lovely, tart rhubarb and a slight hint of banana (because who doesn’t love banana bread?) and you’ve got yourself an incredibly moist and fresh tasting strawberry quick bread with a flavor that’s completely perfect for spring, and utterly out of this world! Are you ready for Super Easy Strawberry Bread with Rhubarb and Bananas?