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Fall foods

Worried that your chicken breasts are always dry and boring? No longer. These fork-tender Apple Cider Braised Chicken Breasts with Sweet Potatoes and Gingersnaps are anything but dry and boring! -

Apple Cider Braised Chicken Breasts

I had chicken breasts in the freezer, apple cider in the fridge, a half a box of gingersnaps left in the pantry, a few sweet potatoes that I needed to use before they went bad, and friends coming for dinner.

The result was this Apple Cider Braised Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Gingersnaps. This dinner FAR surpassed my expectations, and was a massive hit with our guests! Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!!

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Schnitzel Melt Sandwich

Whenever I think of fall, I think of Oktoberfest. I suppose that’s the German girl coming out in me because it brings me back to my roots, and conjures up memories. Oktoberfest makes me think of my grandfather Hugo with his heavy German accent and the way he cooked with abandon in the kitchen (my …

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