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No Churn Triple Chocolate Cherry Kahlua Ice Cream

Triple Chocolate Cherry Kahlua Ice Cream

I thought about making this no churn chocolate cherry Kahlua ice cream for #SummerDessertWeek with just one layer of chocolate, using cocoa powder. However, after perusing my baking cabinet and seeing all half full bags of chocolate chips I had (yes, time to organize my cabinets), I decided to go all out and turn my recipe from a decadent chocolate cherry Kahlua ice cream to a super decadent TRIPLE chocolate cherry Kahlua ice cream! Is it so wrong? 😉

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Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies are the perfect cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth and still get in your daily fiber and fruit requirements…well, sort of. LOL Yippee! It’s finally the weekend, so it’s time to take a break from all that healthy eating and be a little decadent, don’t you think? Well, maybe don’t go …

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Homemade Cherry BBQ Sauce

Summer cherries are always something we always look forward to in our household. Mostly we like to munch on them straight out of the bag and then spit the pits into a paper cup…one after the next, after the next. This time, however, half of that bag from the grocery store was set aside for …

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