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Breakfast brunch

Challah French Toast

Can I tell you a little secret? I’ve never been a big fan on sweet breakfasts. Pancakes, waffles and French toast are things that never really tempt me. Until now, that is. A few weeks ago I made a Braided Challah Bread for the “Back To The Future Baking Buddies” group I’m involved with and loved it …

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Applesauce Cinnamon Chip Muffins

I found a recipe for Applesauce Muffins while paging through one of my older (to me) cookbooks called Ms. Daisy Celebrates Tennessee (found on page 252). Naturally I adapted Miss Daisy’s recipe (duh, LOL), and came up with my own recipe for Applesauce Cinnamon Chip Muffins that are extremely moist and flavorful with just the …

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