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Appetizers and snacks

Cowboy Egg Rolls

Somebody once said to me “I think just about anything would taste good wrapped in an egg roll”, and it got me to thinking…  Yee HAW!   Why don’t I add some of the leftover Barn Dance Bean Dip to the inside of an egg roll?  I think I’ll call them COWBOY EGG ROLLS!

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Barn Dance Bean Dip

Back in March of this year my twin brother Bob and his wife Pam hosted a Country-Western themed party where they turned their garage into a big ‘ol barn, complete with hay on the floor, decorative white lights strung along the ceiling and a roulette wheel shot station, just to name a few of the …

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Kudos Kitchen Guacamole

I’ve been making my special guacamole for years but have never shared my recipe. I guess I’ve felt that guacamole is something that everyone already makes for themselves, and if they don’t they at least have access to really good store-bought ones, so why would people be interested in how I make mine? I’ve finally …

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Corn Bread Crackers

I’ve always wanted to make my own crackers so yesterday I did just that.  And can I tell you, they were a SNAP to make!!! Ha. Get it? Snap? Oh well. Maybe my humor needs some adjustment but my crackers don’t. I found them totally delicious and crunchy! However, I suppose my cutting skills could …

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