The Seat Of The Problem

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I got myself a new bike!  I know, right?  How exciting!  Please humor me here.  It’s been forever since I’ve had a working bike of my own, that I feared I’d have forgotten how to ride one.  Well lucky thing is, just as “they” say (who ever “they” are), you really don’t ever forget.  What I did notice though is how different it feels in the beginning, to what I remember it felt like as a teenager (yes, I’m still talking about bike riding here).  Here’s my new baby…

Back in my youth all of our bikes were 10 speeds with the curly handlebars that you had to lean far over to grasp, making you feel all aerodynamic and stuff. Remember them? My new bike is a mountain bike (not that I’m planning a mountain bike trip anytime soon) and has a total of 21 speeds. I think I’ve used about 3 so far. With these type handlebars it makes my bike seem shorter in length and forces me to sit up straight in the seat. It’s weird to get used to and it kind of gives me the feeling of being the wicked witch of the West in the Wizard Of Oz (queue the music as she rides past Dorothy’s window during the tornado).

No, that’s just not right.  I don’t have the basket on the back!  LOL

However, the feeling that I do remember from my youth, is the totally uncomfortable and painful way my butt felt while sitting on that small slip of a bike seat.  Who designs these things anyway?  I doubt if I need to say this because you most likely already know, but my butt is decidedly bigger than it was back in my teenage years (go figure).  So how in the world can I possibly ride comfortably on this teeny tiny seat now?  It just ‘aint happening.

Enter our dear friends Pam and John to my rescue.  Out of the goodness of their hearts (and their concern for my posterior end) they’re loaning me a bigger, wider, softer bike seat to use, for my bigger, softer, wider back end.  What a difference a few inches makes, and contrary to popular belief when it comes to bike seats…size does matter.

So now I’m all set to take my longest bike ride ever (as an adult) this weekend with a bunch of my sister-in-laws.  We’ll be riding from Michelle’s house to approximately 4-5 miles away, only so we can stuff our faces at Maggiano’s for lunch and then ride back again.  Sounds like a good plan, right?

Wish me luck. As of now, I hear the weather will be cooperating on Saturday for our trip.  It’s supposed to be much cooler and in the low 70’s.  Can’t ask for much better than that and I’m all excited to go.  I’m sure I’ll be exhausted and sore the next day but at least I know that my butt will survive to ride another day.

The end! 🙂


  1. Great to hear that you are happy with your bike and your new, bigger, softer, seat! Enjoy your weekend outing with the sister-in-laws. You can have lots of lunch too because you'll be peddling your butt all the way home. LOL
    You can also by a gel seat cover at your local bike shop for your bike seat. NICE and COMFY!
    I enjoyed this post. Loved the old photo and the map. Nice touches Renee.

  2. Sounds like a good trip, but remember not to stuff your face tooo much, cause you do still have to ride back and the last time I checked, bikes don't come with barf bags!!!
    Cool bike, wish it wasn't so mountainous here. I can't handle it. Sticking to the stationary bike for now!!

  3. Renee: Glad to see you are riding. The new seats do make a difference as well as the padded pants/shorts you can get to wear – they make a BIG difference in comfort. Enjoy the nice weather riding!

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