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I’ve always said that organization is the key to success.  Having said that (at least million times to my kids anyway), since I’ve hit the 50 year old mark it seems that my own organizational skills have taken a few steps backward.  Ah, if only my physical appearance could do the same 🙂

I’m trying hard to get back on track with my organization and these cute little boxes I found at the craft store are really helping me out (at least in organizing my tiles).  Plus, how could I have not been drawn to them in the store with the saying of  “Follow Your Heart” on one, which is exactly what I’ve been doing since I switched to painting tiles from designing and decorating cookies. 

These boxes are so pretty and they’re sturdy enough to hold a whole bunch of tiles.  I love the way they looked all stacked up together on the floor near my kitchen.  Even though they hold supplies, they don’t look out of place or are they an eyesore.  The fact that I purchased them at 40% off doesn’t hurt either!

As time goes on, I may need to purchase more of these handy little boxes, but for now I think I’m all set.  So there you have it, the perfect product for helping me to stay organized (at least in my work).  I sure hope the success will soon follow.*  LOL  (see below)

I’d love to know your key for keeping organized in your workspace.  Is there something special you use or do to keep things in order?  Please share and maybe we can all learn some tips and tricks on the road to our future successes.

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For now and until later,

* a few hours after posting this, I have to come back an qualify what I’d said about hoping to become successful.  A truly successful life is one that is filled with love, happiness, a joyful spirit and gratitude.  In measuring my life’s success in that way, I am completely blessed with a successful life.  Having said that, a little monetary business success ($) wouldn’t hurt either, just sayin’…  *wink*


  1. I love your pretty boxes! Is that a painted tile on top of the box in the first picture? If it is, it is gorgeous. If not…you should paint one LOL 🙂

  2. Paula, it's not a tile but after your wonderful suggestion, it soon will be one! Thanks!!!

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