Paris With A Paintbrush

Someday I hope to get to Paris.  The food, the shopping, the culture, the sites.  It’s on my bucket list and I hope I have plenty of time to see it through.  Until that time however, I’ll dream my dreams, cook my French Friday With Dorie dishes, read my books and paint my little heart out until it’s time to go…to Paris that is 🙂

Ooh La La!

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Renee Goerger

Hi! I’m Renée! Thanks so much for visiting me here in my Kudos Kitchen, where there is always something yummy to eat, and colorful items being painted! My goals here are to bring you delicious family-friendly recipes that are easy for you to follow and recreate in your own kitchen, and also to charm you with my unique and whimsical hand painted pieces from fabrics to glassware.

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  1. Your Eiffel Tower is amazing Renee. All the detail with such tiny strokes. Super job.