The Painted Quilt (or) What’s My Line?

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It’s funny how just a bunch of straight lines can turn into something so colorful and with so much movement.

I  double dog dare you to count the number of lines I painted to complete this tile.  I’ll give you a clue, it’s painted on a 6×6 ceramic tile (hey wait, that’s not a real clue).  Oh well, If you figure it out you’d better tell me because I’m really curious 🙂

FOUR! You’re off to a good start.  Let’s see if you can keep it up.  Here is a little something you might find interesting… The only time I used a ruler on this particular tile was here, in the very beginning, to get the 1/2 inch border as close to ‘perfect’ as possible.  Perfect is never something I realistically try to achieve in my paintings but I do like to have them be pleasing to the eye with no weird gaps or holes.  FYI: I like to consider the lack of perfection in my work “charming” (sounds good, right?).  From then on out, it’s all hand/eye coordination and a limiting of my caffeine  intake 🙂  So then, on with the counting…

Another fact you may find interesting, I was extra special careful to not photograph (too closely) my hands in the actual painting shots because I was embarrassed that my fingernails were in such bad need of fresh nail polish.  You would think that with me being a painter my nails would always be fresh and colorful… HA! Not so much. LOL!

And now, because I am a perfectionist in my work (but hardly perfect), I decide that I need a further pop of color and turn some of the pale pink quilt squares into hot pink ones.  Yep, that was definitely a good call!

And now, if you look closely at the next picture, you’ll see my tiny little liner brush, loaded with black paint.  Here is where I go through and re-paint all the black lines to make them clean and tidy and to neaten up the completed tile.  It’s a tedious step but one that goes a long way in making an eye appealing finished product.  So if you’ve been counting along, don’t forget to add in all those additional lines for good measure, OK?!!!

TA-DA!   A few extra pictures for good measure and this painted quilt tile is ready to be put to bed! 

Colorful and charming says it all! I hope you enjoyed seeing “The Painted Quilt” come to life from start to finish. 
So then… did you count all the lines?  How many did you come up with?  I’d love to hear your answer. Of course I have no idea how many there actually are, but I’d love to know! LOL Just be glad I didn’t have you count the number of lines I actually had to scrape off because they weren’t placed properly.  It happens. Let that be our little secret, OK? :)
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  1. There are at minimum over 300 teeny tiny black lines on this tile…but whose counting, LOL! I love this piece of art you created and know the painstaking detail that went into creating this pin-wheel quilted design. It's one of my new all time favourites of your work Renee!

  2. I make a table runner similar to this… And I sit in church and draw the pattern on paper, I LOVE this tile! You should try the pattern I have, it's a little different than this, I can send you a pic! 😉 you do such an awesome job! –eek09

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