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I think I’ve missed the last few TWD (Tuesday With Dorie) selections for one reason or another.

I wish I could find more hours in the day to get all the things I’d like to get done completed, but there are times when somethings just have to take a backseat (I know you know exactly what I mean).  Unfortunately for me, it’s been my cooking, baking and blogging that I’ve had to put on a short hiatus.

That said, when I checked the TWD-BWJ (Tuesday With Dorie – Baking With Julia) schedule and realized that this week’s recipe selection is a yeast bread, (I simply LOVE baking yeast breads) I knew I had to fit this one in!  I’m so glad I did too. It was AWESOME!!!

Oasis Naan Bread

Since the weather has been so lovely here in the Midwest, I’ve been doing an extra lot of cooking and baking on the outdoor grill.  I’ve been having such fun experimenting with all sorts of things that I usually reserve for the indoor oven.  This recipe is no exception.

Using my pizza stone and placing it directly on the grate of the grill worked fantastic to cook these simply topped naan breads!

With minimal ingredients for the naan dough (flour, yeast, water and salt), I could hardly believe how it took on a life of it’s own. Each time I’d deflate it, I’d turn around and the next thing I knew it would once again be straining to erupt over the sides of the bowl.

When I was finally ready to grill, I formed the dough into 6 flattened discs, docked the centers with a fork and spread corn meal on the baking sheet and pizza stone to insure that it wouldn’t stick.

Once the dough discs were placed on the pre-heated pizza stone (be carefully because it’s really, really HOT) I topped the naan using olive oil, shallots, grape tomatoes, chopped rosemary, coarse salt, pepper, fennel seed and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Once topped I closed the cover and allowed the naan breads to cook for approximately 10-12 minutes, being careful not to burn the bottoms and adjusting my heat accordingly.

Remove your completed naans from the grill and continue with the remaining dough.

This recipe was SO delicious and such fun to make!  I can hardly wait to make this again as I think these will be fun to serve for a backyard party.  I can even see these cut into small wedges as appetizers with a nice glass of wine 🙂

If you’d like to see the actual recipe for this delicious naan bread you can do so by checking out the following blogs:  Maggie of Always Add More Butter  and Phyl’s of  Of Cabbages And King Cakes  were our gracious hosts for this recipe selection out of the “Baking With Julia” cookbook and in my mind they deserve a round of applause!!!  Thanks ladies!

Until we eat again,


  1. Hi Renee, I'm so pleased you made it … and look at them: they look great! (by the way: nice grill!)
    I've loved the Oasis Naan and I'll keep on baking them on every possible occasion: picnic, bbq, parties, "midnight hunger attack" 🙂

  2. So smart to make it almost like a pizza and on the grill! Great idea!

  3. My god! This looks perfect!

  4. I love baking flatbreads on the grill. I usually do them straight on the grates, I am going to have to try with the stone (I just bought a new one that is supposed to be able to handle)
    These look lovely!

  5. Your naan looks amazing!

  6. Have been searching for a great recipe for Naan, these look amazing. I have never grille pizza before and must try it. My grill is not quite as nice as yours an old weber kettle grill hope it works as well as it did on yours. Very nice

  7. You do bake the most beautiful breads Renee and to grill your Naan's like you did was a fantastic idea. I can only imagine how flavourful and delicious these were.

  8. I love that you guys grilled your naan! : ) I also wish there was more time in each day! Especially with a one year old running around… 🙂

  9. great job with the grill!

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