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My mom always says I’m the comedian of the family.  My older sister Ivy is “The Drama Queen”, my other sister Nell is “The Organizer”, so I guess for me, being third in the line-up, makes me the little girl who just wants to have fun and get noticed.  Can’t blame a girl for that, right?

I don’t always “chew the right things” but there are certainly times when I’m feeling sweet, and I do…

AND I still tend to be a little “potty mouth” at times and try to tell my mom that, “she’s not always the boss of me” (please don’t tell her I said that) but that was when I was a young puppy that didn’t know any better…

Now that I’m almost 7 months old,  I’m learning what I can, and can’t get away with and, what my role in the family dynamic is (and should) be.

What can I say…girls (no matter how old) just want to have fu-un! 

Look, green feet are always good for a laugh, right? 

Don’t mind my intense stare-down in this next picture, I’m pretending that I’m the serious one in the family tonight!  After all, I’m a big girl now…LOL…not!

Nutmeg the little brown Boston terrier

So then, this one’s for you Nancy (you know who you are)! Thank you so much for your support and your contribution to this post 🙂

With barks and licks,


  1. This is adorable lol. I ALWAYS had a soft spot for the bad dog. Our Rosie is 5 1/2 months and she's the sweetest girl when she's not doing something awful!!!

  2. Hey there you crazy little Nutmeg! Sorry I'm late to read this (Mom was busy in the kitchen all day). I honestly barked out loud when I saw your first close-up photo. Wish I could smile like that 🙂
    Sorry you had that little pottie accident in the house…(so embarrassing) but after you stopped giving your Mom your sass, you did look like you felt bad. Nice seeing you in the *movies*…you may just be famous one day and then you can give me your pawtograph! Hope the rain has stopped so you can get out and enjoy what's left of your first Memorial Day Weekend. Later My Lady…Your Buddy ~ Maximus

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