Wine Glass Portfolio

Wine Glass Portfolio


I hope you’ll enjoy seeing all the different styles and designs of wine glasses I’ve painted over the years. Along with my love of cooking and baking, having a paintbrush in my hand seems like second nature to me. I specialize in designing completely custom items as well as what you see here, so if there is ever anything I can paint for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me or check out my shop.

Together, we give the gifts that people remember!

And the Oscar goes to…….

Academy Awards Inspired wine glasses

If only it were this easy to tell zebras apart in the wild 🙂

zebra monogram painted wine glass

On the wings of love.

monarch butterfly wine glasses

Going logo!

hand painted logo wine glasses

When pigs fly! Long story… and I am not calling Delta airline workers, pigs! LOL

flying pig wine glass

Cheers to the folks who do hair and make-up!

beautician and make up artist wine glasses

Your town, anywhere USA!

Village of Bartlett wine glasses

I ship too!

Toronto FC wine glass

SLU Billiken.

SLU Billikin wine glass

This is your life!

this is your life wine glass

Not your typical pyramid scheme 🙂

Disney wine glasses

Cheers to you being the Wonder Woman you are!

Wonder Woman Wine glass

You sexy beast!

animal print wine glasses

Do you like to wine when you bake?

baking wine glass

No, Oz didn’t have nothin’ that the tin man didn’t already have.

tin man wine glass

Relax and say spaaaaaah!

spa themed wine glass

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go…

snow white wine glass



Open wide and say aaah. #sharknado



Sharknado wine glass

Food and wine lovers, unite!

Italian themed wine glass

Do you sea what I sea?

scuba diver wine glass

Are you ready for some football wine?

Steelers wine glass

Hey, Tink!

tinkerbell wine glass

Don’t mess with the Seabees!

Seabees wine glass

Recipe Girl.

Recipe Girl wine glass

War Eagle or War Chicken?

Plain Chicken wine glass

Don’t mess with the queen!

queen's crown wine glass

Wieners and wine!

dachshunds wine glasses

This is a set of Real Housewives glasses I painted for some army wives in Alaska 🙂

Real Housewives custom wine glasses

We all need to have our guilty pleasures!

Real Housewives wine glass

Hello doll face!

Raggedy Ann Wine Glass

How about relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine?

pride and prejudice wine glass

This is still one of my favorite food blogger wine glasses I’ve painted to date.

food blogger wine glass

All the pretty colors!

butterfly wine glass

The king of pop.

Michael Jackson wine glass

I’ll zig, you zag.

chevron painted wine glasses

Are you ready for some football?

Miami Dolphins wine glass

What’s a good book club without the wine?

book club wine glass

When life hands you lemons, pour a glass of wine!

lemon wine glass

Dots a nice wine glass!

polka dot painted wine glass

Oh Lucy, I’m home!

I Love Lucy wine glass

All dressed up with some place to go.

Hello Kitty Wine Glass

Any Harry Potter fans out there?

Harry Potter wine glasses

Not feline it? LOL

grumpy cat wine glass

Wine and cheese anyone?

packers wine glass

Frankly my dear….

gone with the wind wine glass


lady gaga wine glass

What does the fox say?

fox wine glass

Put yourself in Buffy’s shoes?

vampire slayer wine glass

Family love!

Chinese symbol Love painted wine glasses

For when you want to kick back and enjoy your favorite TV show.

Downton Abbey painted wine glass

Hello Cupcake!

cupcake wine glasses

A pink cheetah wine glass that’s a cut above the rest!

cheetah print hairdresser wine glass

I propose a toast to the happy couple!

custom painted wedding wine glasses

What’s your favorite movie?

hunger games wine glass

Cheers to that!

oh the places you'll go wine glass

How about a little black and white to hold your red?

piano music wine glasses

One of my favorites! This was for a 21st birthday party!

Mulan princess wine glass

Every glass can tell a story. This one was for a law school graduate.

lawyer wine glass

Cheers to best friends!

cartoon character painted wine glasses

This set was designed to coordinate with the clients serving platter.

tapestry painted wine glasses

Awww. So sweet!

keep calm painted wine glasses

PTA meetings just got a whole lot more fun!

School PTA logo wine glasses

For those of you who can’t decide what your favorite movie is. Harry Potter or Twilight.

twilight and harry potter wine glass

For those Audrey Hepburn wannabes 🙂

breakfast at Tiffany's wine glass

Dreams really do come true!

princess wine glass

Cheers to a fun night in the city!

bachelorette party wine glass

Custom orders are always welcome. “Sea” what I mean?

scuba diver wine glasses

For those of you who like to nurse your wine 🙂

nurse wine glass

For all you Bunco babes out there…

bunco painted wine glasses

There are especially fun for bridal showers and Audrey Hepburn lovers!

breakfast at Tiffanys painted wine glass

Boston terriers have my heart!

Boston terrier painted wine glass

Here come the Hawks!

Chicago Blackhawks painted wine glass

Ah, Betty!

Betty Boop painted wine glass

For the romantic!

Beauty and the Beast painted wine glass

For the super hero couple!

Batman and Wonder Woman painted wine glasses

Sweets for the sweet!

cake and cupcake painted wine glass


Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins.
autumn leaves and pumpkin painted wine glasses

Are you ready for some football?

Atlanta Falcons wine glass



Art Deco Inspired!

art deco inspired painted wine glass

Howdy Cowpoke!

cow print and cactus silhouette painted wine glasses

50 Shades of Gray Inspired. DO NOT DISTURB! LOL

A little wine and song perhaps?

retro Beatles painted wine glasses

Popcorn anyone?

Hand Painted Popcorn Wine Glasses

Need I say more?

Hand painted Hot Mess Wine Glasses

My favorite things to paint are food blogger’s blog designs. Gee, I wonder why? LOL

Food Bloggers Hand Painted Wine Glass and Trivet

I can work from any photo or inspiration piece you send my way!

You can always request your own favorite saying and chose the colors that really speak to you.

Fun Saying Hand Painted Wine Glass

When coordination counts!

Custom Coordinated Hand Painted Grapes wine glasses

Thanks so much for visiting.
I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen!


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  1. Beautiful Renee, do you do mugs?

  2. Renee Goerger

    Thank you for the compliment, Suzanne! Yes, I certainly do do mugs. I'm trying feverishly to get all my items posted to my new blog. Mugs come next 🙂 If you'd like to see some of my previous works, please take a look at my shop which is located within my blog or you can head on over and like my facebook page. I have posted many pictures of my mugs there as well. if you're looking for something specific, please feel free to drop me an email:
    Thanks again and I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment!

  3. So nice, thank you for the link. I am interested in getting a couple of mugs done with a picture of my dogs. Can you do something like that?

  4. Renee Goerger

    Yes, email me their pictures. FYI, custom items start at $38 each, not including the shipping and handling. Thanks Suzanne 🙂

  5. Renee Goerger

    Suzanne, I'm so sorry. I accidentally hit delete on your email and couldn't retrieve it to reply to you. Dumb! If you send me there pictures and we get the order placed within the next few days, I can guarantee Christmas delivery. Not a problem. Things are getting really busy around here so the sooner it's placed, the better. After I get your photos, what I'll do is make you a reserved custom listing in my shop and from there, you can place your actual order. Thanks so much and sorry about the email deleting. I promise I won't do that again. LOL

  6. If I was chosen a winner of the contest I would like to choose a mug and a wine glass that compliment each other in a design of being on/at the beach-I love your designs and the technique shown

  7. How much are the wine glasses with decor?


  9. Melody Brannon

    Can you make a set of Gone With The Wind wine glasses for my wedding attendants to use at our Gone With The Wind Costume Ball Wedding?

    • I’m very sorry but I no longer paint wine glasses. I’m in the process of updating my site so I’m sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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