Making Clay Ghosts and Pumpkins

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Clay Pumpkin and Ghosts Tutorial

These little clay figures are especially easy to make. All you need is a few packages of polymer clay that you can find in any craft store.  Then, using a few simple kitchen items you can shape and mold your clay into any design you choose.

Being that it’s the end of October, of course for Halloween I’ll show you how easy it is to make pumpkins and ghosts.

The materials I used were orange, green and white polymer clay.  I also used a little bit of floral wire, a butter knife, a nail and a toothpick.  That’s it!  Ready? Lets go…

Using polymer clay is so easy.  The hardest part is working the clay once you open the package to make it soft and pliable.  It will take you a few moments to do that with each color but after that, you’re ready to roll.
Note* – Keep your clay covered or in a plastic bag when not working with it so it doesn’t dry out.

To make the pumpkins, here’s what you do:

As with any and every design, I always start with making a ball in the palms of my hands, using a slight bit of pressure.  As you roll make sure there are no cracks and that the surface of your clay is smooth.

Depending on how you’re choosing to design your pumpkin (you can also roll the clay into an oval for a long and narrow pumpkin), I then take my fingers and gently apply pressure to flatten out the top and bottom so he stands well on his own, and there is a nice surface for me to attach the stem and leaves.

Using a butter knife, I gently but with enough pressure to mark the clay, I run the blunt end of the butter knife in strips around the surface of my pumpkin.
Using a small bit of floral wire, I tightly wrap a small section of wire around a nail to make the curly pumpkin vine.  Make sure you leave just a straight little bit at the end for sticking into your pumpkin.  Then stick the little straight end into the top of your pumpkin making room for the stem.
Continue making the vines and sticking them in your pumpkin until you have the amount you’re happy with.
To make the stem, pinch a small bit of green clay off the block, knead it until soft and form a small ball in the palms of your hands.
Next, using your pointer finger and the resistance of the palm of your other hand, gently but firmly use pressure only on one side of the ball to form a teardrop like shape.  This is going to be the stem of your pumpkin.
Now take your stem and gently but firmly (not too firmly as you don’t want to misshape what you just formed), press the stem onto the pumpkin next to the pumpkin vines.
To make the leaves, follow the same steps as with making the stem only this time, when you have a shape you’re happy with, use your pointer finger and thumb to flatten the teardrop shape into a flat leave.  Next take the back of the butter knife (or you can use the toothpick) to make the vines on your leaves.

Gently but firmly press your leaves onto your pumpkin  in any configuration you choose.

To make the ghosts, here’s what you do:
Pinch off a good bit of white clay, depending on how large you want your ghost to be.
After kneading the clay to soften it, form it into a ball in the palm of your hand.
Next, using the same principal as with the leaves and pumpkin stem, use your pointer finger to apply pressure to one side of the ball and roll it gently but firmly to form an elongated cone shape.  Make sure you press the larger end of the clay onto a flat surface so he will also stand all by himself.
At this point you can also decide to play with your ghosts to make them each have their own personalities. With some I twisted his clay to give him a soft-serve-ice-cream-head and with others I made a softly rounded, traditional head.  Your ghost, your call 🙂
Using a toothpick, gently press it into the clay to make the marking for the eyes.  That’s it! Your done.
Place your pumpkins and ghosts on a baking sheet and bake in a low (250 degree) oven for 30-40 minutes. 
These make sweet little decorations for just about anywhere.  
I have mine on my kitchen sink windowsill and my sister has hers on her desk at work.  FUN!
Until we craft again,

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  1. i LOVE your little clay figures! Boo! Happy Halloween

  2. These are perfectly done! Maybe I can use your tips for fondant:)

  3. These modeled pumpkins are so cute!

  4. I love these. Ella has made some wonderful mini clay sculptures. I'm going to have buy some of this polymer clay to have around when the kids come to visit. I may just find myself using it too! Great tutorial Renee.

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