Lovely Logo Tile!

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Not long ago I was contacted by Angela of Cakes By Angela to design a custom tile for her from her business card with her cute logo.  She emailed me a copy of her card and we briefly discussed what she was looking for as far as details.  With a coordinating border to finish the look, here is Angela’s business card tile from start to finish:

It’s been a few weeks from the time I completed Angela’s tile to the time I’m actually putting out my blog post about it.  To be honest, I seriously have a soft spot in my heart for this, and every other tile I’ve painted.  It might sound strange to say I miss them after I package them up and ship them out…but I do.  I put my heart into each painted item I create and have an attachment for them like no other. I hope that comes through in my work and maybe even makes them a bit more special to those who have placed orders with me.  I certainly hope so.

I sincerely hope you’re enjoying your tile Angela and that you get a lot of comments and possibly some great cake orders from people noticing your lovely logo tile!  Enjoy!

Fondly yours,


  1. You have the cutest tiles! It would be special to me too.

  2. I need to think something up so that I can order a tile from you!!!

  3. Ya, how can I order a tile? What a wonderful piece of work, you have great talent Renee!!

  4. It's SO easy to order your own tile. Just drop me an email with a photo or design idea your interested in having painted on a tile and I'll get back to you with a quote. My email is:

    BTW, thank you for all the lovely compliments on my work! I'm so happy you like my tiles 🙂

  5. LOVE this!! Amazing job!!

  6. OMG, it cake out just like the card, it is beautiful.

  7. Another very cute tile. You have such talent!

  8. I never commented on my own tile! THANK YOU! You know the green around the edge matches exactly to the green in my kitchen and your tile sits up on a shelf and the colors go great! LOVE IT! Looks like you are keeping busy…congrats on all your success!

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