Lobster Chef – The Game

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Did you know I have a facebook fans page?  I do.  Every so often I like to challenge my “fans” to play along in a guessing game where I post pictures of tiles I’m working on, in random sequence in the painting process, to see if anybody can guess the final out come of the piece.  I have such a good time playing it and I know my friendly fans enjoy it too.  I like to make it as hard as possible.  Sometimes it’s harder than others to keep them guessing a long time but I do try my hardest to keep the game going as long as I can. 

This is the sequence I used for this weeks game.  Had you not seen the opening photo, would you have been able to guess the outcome?

At this point, I had a lot of people guessing sock puppet (I definitely can see where that came from) and also Elmo inchworm (huh) and an elephant’s trunk.  All decent guesses, but nobody was on the right track just yet.

I knew the next photo would give away the design so I decided to go out of order in the design process and post some close-up shots of the completed tile to throw people off.  It didn’t work.  I gave away too much too soon and before you know it, I had a lot of people guessing lobster.  Drats! Foiled again.  However, I will show you the actual sequence, in actual order, of how this tile came together.

Here are the two that gave away the design.  Next time I’ll be smarter and hold my cards, er I mean tiles, a little closer to my vest for a longer period of time.

After I had so many people guess “lobster?” I did confirm that it was, in fact, a lobster.  Then I stepped a little over the edge and asked… “But what KIND of a lobster?” Just like some wicked young child that still needed the upper hand, but nobody played along. Nobody! Everybody packed up their things and went home.  Huh?  I guess I can’t blame them. LOL!!  I think I had pushed the envelope just a little too far in some strange need to keep them guessing.  My bad (but I’ll probably do it again next time). Be warned 🙂

The answer is (as you can simply see) A LOBSTER “CHEF” of course. What did you expect…?

Here is my facebook fans page if you’d like to be involved in the next play along game. I’d love to have you join us:  http://facebook.com/kudoskitchen    As an added bonus (not that you need one of course), sometimes the one who guesses the design first actually wins (yes, that’s right, WINS) the final piece.  I ask you, where can you have more fun and excitement than that?  Not many places, that’s for sure 🙂 So go now and hit the *like* button on my facebook page.  I’ll be waiting for you to arrive before I start the next game, but believe me, I have some good ideas in mind to challenge and amaze you!!

For inquiry’s regarding your own custom tile, drop me an email at:  info@kudoskitchenbyrenee.com
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  1. Love the guessing game!

  2. I had fun and for the very first time I guessed right. It's also fun to see the process of how you paint too.

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