In Honor Of Man’s Best Friend

I am a self taught painter who has never really had any formal art training.  I paint because I love it.  I always have. Over the years, I’ve tried several other creative art forms but it’s always the painting that calls me back.

My art style is mostly whimsical and I’m fortunate to be able to paint the things that people hold near and dear to their hearts. It gives me immense joy to make someone smile with something I’ve painted.

I’ve painted a lot of tiles over the past few years.  Most of them to be
used in the kitchen as functional trivets or as memorabilia art.  But not this one.  This one has a special purpose unlike any other.

This is not something I would have thought of myself, but because of my whimsical style of painting, it seems to fit perfectly for this application and will hopefully, over time, bring a smile and some laughter to a man who recently lost his two wonderful dogs named, Rocky and Bullwinkle.

This is a super thoughtful father’s day gift, given from his daughter, and will be used… as a grave marker!!! *sniff, sniff*

I get it.  I’m a major dog lover and I’m honored to be able to paint this tile to commemorate the love between man and dog.

The daughter emailed me a photo and I went to work recreating it as best I could:

And here is the completed tile along with the photo that was emailed to me.

The customer wants this tile to be able to hang from a tree so my husband is going to drill two holes at the top so some lace can be strung for hanging.  I will also be adding a foam backing to protect the tile from breakage as it hangs from the tree and it will also be weather resistant with the addition of a polyurethane sealer.

Oddly enough, a few weeks before I had received this particular request I had a different customer request  I paint some moose silhouettes on some wine glasses.  Upon painting those glasses, the idea of painting Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha on some cocktail glasses popped into my head and, being the whimsical gal I am, it wasn’t long before I had the whole set.

HA! I’m always in awe when the universe and stars are aligned and showing me parallels like that.  It never fails to prove to me that I by following my heart and my passion, I’m in the exact right spot and doing what I’m meant to be doing.  Painting things that make you smile 🙂


  1. You are a really gifted artist, I love your hand painted glasses and will visit your shop. I love collecting glassware and your hand painted pieces are beautiful.

  2. The tile is perfect and I'm sure the father will treasure it as it hangs as memorial of his beloved pets.

  3. I really do love what you've done! Thank you so much

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