How To Decoupage A Funkin Pumpkin!

How To Decoupage A Funkin Pumpkin!

In this post I combine my love for food with my love for pumpkins and came up with this:

How to decoupage a pumpkin

This foodie pumpkin was super simple to make. In order to make a decoupage pumpkin, all you need are some magazines, a jar of decoupage medium, a foam pumpkin (I believe they call them “funkins” and you can find them at your local craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby), a paint brush and a pair of scissors! That’s it! Easy Peasy!!

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

How to decorage a funkin pumpkin

When it comes to your pumpkin design you can choose whatever theme you’re keen on. If you have an interest in fashion and celebrity and have those types of magazines, go for it. If you’re into home decor, do it! Parenting? Start snipping! The possibilities here are endless!

I happen to have an interest in all things food so I have an abundance of food magazines. Just make sure your pumpkin reflects your personality and your interests. I think that’s what makes this craft so much fun!

Here’s how I made it:


1 funkin pumpkin (any size)
magazine clippings (you’ll need a lot. All shapes and sizes)
1 jar of decoupage (matte finish or glossy)
1 1″ wide paintbrush or foam brush

-Working on top of the newspaper and in sections, paint some of the decoupage medium onto the pumpkin.

-Place your chosen clipping onto the decoupage.

-Using more of the decoupage, paint over the entire clipping making sure you press the clipping down as you go in. As the clipping becomes saturated with the decoupage, it will become more pliable and will be easier to work with and will mold around  the shape of the pumpkin easily. Don’t worry if you have wrinkles around the edges of the clippings. That’s going to happen because you’re working with something round.

-Continue with the same process around the entire shape of the pumpkin, choosing to place your clippings where they fit best. *Note – I found it best to place the larger clippings on the pumpkin first and then fill in all the smaller areas with the smaller clippings.

-The drying time of the decoupage will vary depending on the humidity in the air, but I found that it dries pretty quickly and once fully dry, is completely transparent and invisible. You will also find that, in order to decoupage around the entire pumpkin, you’ll need to let your sections dry before moving on to work on other areas. If you roll the pumpkin onto the newspaper while the decoupage is still wet, you’ll wind up decoupaging your pumpkin with newsprint and not the magazine clippings (which would be a fine thing if you’re really into newsprint, LOL).

How to make a decoupage funkin pumpkin

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

How to decopauge a funkin pumpkin

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

So there you have it! A decoupage pumpkin that took hardly any time to make and one that will last for years and years. Of course at this point, if you wish you can “carve” a face into your pumpkin and then stick some lights (never a lit candle) into him for a really fun Halloween look.

For me however, I choose to keep my decoupage pumpkin faceless. That way I can have him out throughout the entire fall and Thanksgiving season. Speaking of Thanksgiving, how fun would he be on a Thanksgiving buffet table, right? Adorbs!

How to decoupage a funkin pumpkin

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  1. I think this is the cutest idea I've seen this year on decorating pumpkins! The great thing is you can decoupage whatever your personal interest is! Love it! I'm your newest follower!

  2. Cute! Visiting from Meegan Makes.:)

  3. It turned out beautiful.

  4. This is a great idea. I love that you did yours with a food theme. Perfect for adding that special personal touch to your Thanksgiving decor.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post at last weeks Saturday Spotlight on Angels Homestead Renee.

    Hope to see you again this week!


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