How I Paint My Autumn Leaves

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One of my favorite things in the world are leaves.

 Especially the beautifully colored ones in the autumn.

This wine glass was inspired by such leaves. This year I think I may use them as place cards around our Thanksgiving table.

That is, if I can find the time to paint 25 of them… Hmmmm. I may have to re-think that *wink*

I’d like to show you how I go about painting my version of an autumn maple leave.  It all starts with this simple shape.

From there it’s all just a simple bunch of scallops followed around the entire shape.  Ready, GO!

Next, I paint it in and then continue around the entire glass with different color leaves making sure some of them are upside down and in at different angles for that natural fall feeling.

The personalization comes next.  Hey, that’s me!  I’ve already got a good start on my Thanksgiving place settings. LOL  One glass!

Then with a dark brown fine line paint brush, I add all the vines, outline all the leaves and accent the name on the base for that final touch of detail that completes the glass so nicely.  Viola’ , it’s complete and ready to be the star of any Thanksgiving or autumn table setting.

I hope this blog post was helpful to you if you ever want to draw or paint your own autumn maple leaves.

I’ happily linked up this post to the following website. Check it out for other terrific ideas and inspirations:
Domestically Speaking

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Should you have any questions, just leave me a comment. I’ll be happy to answer them just as quickly as possible.

Until we paint again,


  1. Beautifully done Renee. You make it look so easy but many of us only wish we were gifted with your talents.

  2. Very nice. You're very creative!

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