Holiday Open House – 2010

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The holidays just wouldn’t be as festive without the wonderful sights and sounds.  Please enjoy!  Perry Como has stopped by to accompany you on your visit.  Sweet!!!

We’re having a holiday open house this year and you’re all invited!  May I take your coat and hat?  What about those snowy boots?  Do you mind leaving them at the door and slipping on a pair of fuzzy slippers instead?

There now, that feels better don’t you think?  Now what about something to drink? Can I fix you a little holiday libation?

What’s that? You say you’d better not drink that on an empty stomach? Well, you’re in luck, I’ve been cooking and baking all day in preperation for your visit.  Help yourself to something delicious

Now that you’re all comfortable and warm, the dogs are telling me that more friends have come to the door.

Please make your self right at home and give yourself the tour while I let these others folks in.  I hope you’ll enjoy all of our decorations.  Take your time and browse around a bit.  Our holiday home is always open.

Here is our living room.

Look, our Christmas home even consists of a puppy play pen this year.  I’ll expect you to help me keep an eye on her while you’re visiting so she doesn’t chew any decorations, OK?  Thanks!

And of course, my favorite room in our house, the kitchen…Don’t mind the mess, I’m in the process of baking some cookies.

And last but not least, our downstairs.  Gosh, looks like Mark forgot to put a fire in the fireplace.  I’d better get him on that.

This year, Mark and I will be hosting our family in a traditional German meal on Christmas eve.  Thankfully we have one of those “fancy eatin’ tables” (ping pong/pool table) right in this very spot.  It doesn’t look like much now, but on Christmas eve it will be all decked out for family fun, food and frolic.  You’re all invited back to see how that comes out. Hope you can make it. 

Well, I really am glad you could stop by for a visit today. The holidays are for caring and sharing and I’m glad I could share our holiday open house with you!  Please come again. We’ll leave the lights on for you!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!


  1. So festive! Thanks – don't mind if I do!


  2. sassypackrat

    Wow you go all out with your holiday decorating! Looks wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your spirit of the season!

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for having us over and giving us the tour. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Love that you have decorated practically every nook and cranny of your house, inside and out. I think the only think without a decoration on it is Nutmeg's *bedroom*. Of course anything that might have been put there would not have lasted once Nutmeg arrived! LOL Enjoy the holidays and your new baby Renee.

  4. Wow–you guys go all out–it's beautiful, Renee. Can't wait to see your new pup at home, too!

  5. Thanks for the lovely tour Renee! It was so much fun coming in to your home 🙂 And what a cute puppy!

  6. Oh my gosh that is festive!

  7. I came over from Barb's cooking site to see your recipes, but as I scrolled I saw little Boston Terrier head in there….very cute! My posts often have one poke in too even if it's not the point of the post. 🙂

    Your place looks very festive.

  8. Kudos Kitchen

    Thank you Mary. Keep coming by as I like to have my Bostons poke their heads in as often as possible 🙂

  9. Everything looks so beautiful! I LOVE your kitchen!!

    I live in Germany and stil haven't a traditional meal. My husband is very intrigued by goose so maybe next year! I can not wait to see the end results 🙂

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