Hard Boiled Jack-O-Lanterns

Who says that hard boiled eggs are only good as Easter decorations? Certainly not me!

Hard Boiled Jock-O-Lanterns

Here’s what you need to make the  Hard Boiled Jack-O-Lanterns:
12 eggs
Food coloring (I used AmeriColor terracotta and black, or you can use red and yellow to make orange)
2 paint brushes (one flat and one liner)
Glass ramekins (or cut down plastic or paper cups)
paper towels

-Make your hard boiled eggs as you normally do, except this time squeeze in about 1 teaspoon of the terracotta food coloring to the boiling water while preparing your eggs.
-Once cooked, remove the eggs from the water and place them each in their own glass ramekin or cup. *Placing them directly onto paper or back into the egg carton (while wet) will cause the color to stick to the container, and you don’t want that*.
-Allow them to cool and dry, turning them over in order to dry the opposite side as well.
-Your eggs will be a lovely shade of pink at this point (yes, I was surprised too).

-Once completely dry, wipe out the ramekins or cups so no liquid remains, and place your eggs on a paper towel.

-You’re now ready to paint your eggs with the orange food color mixed with a few drops of water.
-If you’re anything like me, you will get your fingers painted at this point too (that’s part of the fun).
-Holding the egg at the top and the bottom with your pointer finger and thumb, use the flat brush and evenly stroke the orange color onto the eggs one at a time.
-Place each egg back into its own ramekin or cup and allow it to dry  turning once so the egg is completely dry on both sides. (approximately 15 minutes on each side)

-Once all the eggs are completely dry, continue that same process and give all the eggs a second coat of the orange food color. 
*With the eggs being pink in the beginning, the two coats of orange really gives them a great depth of color. However you may want to forgo the step of adding the food coloring in the boiling water…I won’t tell! LOL*

-Once dry (on all sides), it’s now time to add the lines and faces.
-To the same orange color you used to base coat your eggs, add a slight drop of black along with a drop or two of water and blend well.
-Holding each egg with your pointer finger and thumb (or whatever fingers you’re more comfortable with) and using the liner brush, paint on one thin line from top to bottom. Use a light hand while doing this step as you don’t want your lines too thick.
-Turn the egg over and paint that same line directly across from where you painted the first one.

-Turn the egg and paint additional lines so that your egg is painted into quarters.

-Divide those quarters once again, until the entire egg has been completely sectioned off.  *Remember this does not have to be perfect. There are no perfect pumpkins!*

-To paint the faces, add a drop or two of black food color with a drop or two of water and using your liner brush, paint on whatever style of Jack-O-Lantern face you wish.

-Allow to dry completely and return your eggs to their carton or display.

There, that wasn’t too scary now was it and these are just as fun to eat as candy!  HAHAHA! I dare you to try passing that one off on your kids!

I’m excited to be linking up this post to: Rae Gun Ramblings and to Sumo’s Sweet Stuff for hosting this party!
Thanks Ladies!

Until we eat and craft again,


  1. So cute, love those eggs, who said you can only color eggs for Easter!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are adorable!!!

  3. haha those are so cool!! I wonder if I could do that!

  4. You totally could do it Angie! I hope you try it. You can probably even be more creative than I was by adding something to their tops as a stem and leave. I wish I had done that.

  5. susan scott

    You've probably started a new tradition: painting eggs for every holiday!!

  6. These are awesome!! My kids would love these, thanks for sharing. I'm featuring this on MMM this weekend

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