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I hardly ever follow a recipe but that doesn’t stop me from ripping them from magazines or collecting the many cookbooks I’ve accumulated over the years.  What can I say? I have a passion for all things food!

Here is the recipe file I use to hold all the recipes I’ve ripped out of magazines over the past 20+  years:

From the looks of it on the outside, you’d never expect it to be bursting at the seams on the inside with so many recipes I’ve thought looked interesting over the years.

And, I just can’t seem to stop myself from adding more to my collection.  I have piles and piles of recipes that still need to squeeze themselves into this file.  Harrumph… Maybe I should invest in another binder.

Truth be told, I hardly ever defer to my recipe file when cooking or baking and yet I can’t stop myself from accumulating recipes from here and there.

That is until now…

I have decided that I WILL go though my recipe file and cookbooks and make a new main course, side dish or dessert item, at least 3 times a week, AND I intend to post those recipes here on a regular basis.

(I figure if I use the word *intend* it will carry a bit more weight in my head to actually see it through 🙂

Some of the recipes and posts may be quick and easy, using boxed mixes and grocery store convenience foods.  Some of them may be a bit more adventuresome, requiring more time and effort on those days I feel like challenging myself and my abilities in the kitchen.

That’s my plan and I intend on sticking to it!  Of course, knowing me I’ll not actually *follow* a single one and I’ll divert off into my own tweaks and embellishments with things I happen to have on hand in my fridge and pantry, but that’s part of the fun! 

Come along with me as I travel through my recipe file and cookbooks and with luck I’ll be able to whittle down my file and make room for new ones 🙂  If you don’t already, add me to your reader, subscribe via email or get me in an rss feed.  I always enjoy having company in my kitchen as I cook.  I’ll feed you well!

I can’t wait to get started.  There’s a new recipe post coming soon… I just know it!!!

Until we eat again,


  1. Wow! That's crazy! I have a 3-ring binder with page protectors that I keep my magazine clippings in. I've only been saving for a year or so…20+ years?? Your collection must be huge!

  2. This made me laugh, because at christmas when I got new cookbooks I said once a week I was going to try something new… Very good intentions but I still turn to my blog friends for new recipes instead of my cookbooks!! Oops 🙂 –eek09

  3. My addiction is printing recipes off of the internet. What I've been TRYING to do is organize them all into 3-ring binders. Also, recipes that come from other sources and won't fit in this system I photocopy and then put that piece of paper in the binder. It takes care of having all those odd little pieces of paper floating about and having to sort through them all the time.

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