FFWD-Short Ribs With Red Wine And Port

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Heaven on a plate is the best way I can describe this dish chosen from “Around My French Table” by Dorie Greenspan this week.  You can find it on pages 254 and 255.

The ingredient list is somewhat on the longish side but each and every one of them comes together in the end and can be tasted and appreciated for having played a small part in this hearty and homey dish.  I didn’t exactly follow Dorie’s method for making this recipe but I did, in fact, follow her list of ingredients which was superb. 

The sprinkling of gremolata over the top before serving gives this dish adds yet another depth of flavor that heightens the enjoyment of this highly flavorful and now buttery cut of beef.   So simple and yet makes this dish a stand out and not your ordinary Midwestern mid-week fair!  The word special comes to mind!

As this dish was braising in the oven in it’s lovely beef stock, fruity red wine, assorted aromatic veggies and herbs, and the lovely port wine, the one word that kept coming to my mind to describe the aroma filling my home was buttery.  I know that might sound odd because there is no butter anywhere in this recipe but just have a look at the following picture and I think you’ll see exactly why buttery kept coming to mind! Ahhhhh!

I served these wonderful braised short ribs over a smooth and creamy bed of polenta and before too long our plates were licked clean and we had to hold ourselves back from devouring what was left in the pot!  Two thumbs up and 5 stars later I can not recommend this recipe highly enough.  Go now, buy the book and cook your own.  You can thank me later!

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  1. We loved the gremolata in this recipe and will be using it on lots of things.

  2. Your photos are just gorgeous! Great post!

  3. Gorgeous photos! The polenta also sounds fantastic! Sometimes I make one with cheddar cheese in it to add some kick to the whole short rib/potato combination. I love your descriptions of the aromas!

  4. Your ribs look scrumptious, especially in that last picture. I should have not skipped the gremolata! We had ours with mashed potatoes, as DH is not a big fan of polenta.

  5. I agree that this was heaven on a plate! Yours looks delicious!

  6. It looks perfect as beef can get!!! My family enjoyed these ribs! I like the way the gremolata looks!

  7. I give this a 5 stars and 2 thumbs up too! My ribs look totally different to everyone's am wondering if in my butcher shop confusion I ended up getting them cut wrong. Next time I will make the gremolata, yours looks so delightful!

  8. I skipped the gremolata and am now regretting it – it looks wonderful in your photos. We really enjoyed this dish. In fact, we've still got some leftovers to enjoy tomorrow!

  9. Looks like your ribs were fork tender and I love the colour that the gremolata added to the dinner. Another great dish (re)created in Kudos Kitchen!

  10. Yum, yum, yum! Your dish looks SO good!

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