FFWD Salted Butter Break-Ups

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This little cookie ‘disc’ hit all the right bells and whistles on my tongue. I’m a sucker for anything sweet and salty and this recipe is just that! Not too sweet, not too salty. Just right!!! I also love the rustic appeal this cookie has, so when a few of my girlfriends came over yesterday afternoon for a visit, I served them these off of brown paper bags. I thought it was charming but I’m not quite sure what they thought about my serving style. LOL! However, they enjoyed the taste and that’s what is most important!

No matter how you choose to serve these little shards of flaky goodness, just make sure you do…They’re simply delightful!

If you don’t already have a copy of Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table” I would highly recommend making the investment. So far every recipe I have made from this cookbook has been a winner. With Dorie’s help, I’ve brought many new and exciting French culinary adventures to our family’s dining table.

My mouth is already watering for next weeks recipe: Scallops With Caramel Orange Sauce. Oh my!

Until we bake again,


  1. Do tell…how did you get such great hash marks? I love your second picture. It feels like mountains and valleys of buttery goodness!

  2. This one was kind of fun, wasn't it? My kids loved the "great big cookie" concept (my oldest was taking pictures on her phone and sending it to all her friends).

  3. wow that is seriously impressive!!! great looking, perfect break ups.

  4. Your cookie looks perfect and I think your idea of serving the shards on brown paper bags is a great one!

  5. Ok 0 how did you get your scoring marks so PERFECT? Mine were kind of lame looking (one of the reasons I covered it with choc!) – yours are beautiful! This one knocked it out of the park for me too!

  6. 'shards of tasty goodness' describes these perfectly! I'm also curious how your got perfect cross marks.

  7. Weren't these good? I also want to know about your crosshatches. They look both perfect and rustic at the same time.

  8. Yes, I am joining the choir wanting to know how you accomplished those perfect lines:)
    I agree with you, not too salty, not too sweet – exactly why I loved it.
    I was laughing imagining your friends getting dessert out of a brown bag:) Sometimes it's hard to think like a not food-obsessed person:)

  9. I have to get back to FFWD – I have the cookbook, but got off track due to some interruptions. Terrific job, I must try this one for sure.

  10. That last sprinkle of salt totally makes the cookie, right? Yours is stunning!

  11. LOL. I have to laugh at all the people who are wondering about my "perfect" hash lines. Seriously, all I did was add a bit more pressure than you would expect was needed. That's all folks!

  12. Evidently you are now famous for your hashing technique ! Great job and lovely photos. I think your choice of the brown bags was spot on and love the "rustic" aspect of this recipe….just perfect for the bags.

  13. I am jealous as to how perfect your hash marks are! Kudos to a great looking and great tasting cookie!

  14. Mardi's post introduced me to these and the two of you make me want to hit my kitchen and get baking right now. Love your close up shot! Beautiful flakes.

  15. Yes, I agree…you win for best hash marks…lovely cookies!!!

  16. Your lines are perfect! I love the idea of serving these on brown paper bags.

  17. Those look great! They look like they would be soft and chewy. What is the texture like? Is it a crispy cookie or more like a bread?? Great job! I'm glad you are enjoying the cookbook. My younger sister and I are going to start cooking from it in a couple months when we live near each other again. 🙂

  18. Beautiful pictures! My family has eaten all my shards up… you might have just inspired me to make more!

  19. Oh these are gorgeous and just leap off the page, tempting us to taste one! I must troop down to the public library to see if they have Dorie's cookbook and get a peek at the recipe.

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