FFWD Roast Chicken For Les Paresseux

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I made this recipe a few weeks ago and posting this picture today has me drooling all over my keyboard right now.  This was one seriously good chicken!!!

This recipe for Roast Chicken For Les Paresseux (lazy people) can be found on page 200 of “Around My French Table”.  On page 201, Dorie talks of the day she was cooking dinner for Jacques Pépin and he loudly exclaimed “What are you doing?” at the sight of Dorie washing the chicken inside and out during preparation.  Made me think long and hard about doing it myself in my own kitchen.  I always have but have always hated doing it.  Now I feel I have permission to forgo that step.  After all, if Jacques Pépin says is OK, who am I to argue?

I was lucky enough to have a loaf of homemade county fair bread in the freezer so I used that as my bread bed for my chicken.  The rest of the ingredients are simple and things you have on hand in your cabinets and pantry at a moments notice.  I did not however add the baby potatoes that this recipe calls for because as a side dish to this wonderful chicken, I also made the potato gratin (pommes dauphinois) found on page 360 (post to come next Friday).  Needless to say, I had one happy family at the dinner table that evening 🙂  I wish I had additional pictures to share with you but to be honest, I was more excited to eat that evening than I was to take pictures.  Is that so wrong? 

Thanks for visiting.  I’ll look forward to having you over for dinner again soon!  You were a lot of fun!



  1. I thought this one was delicious too! I love your idea of cutting the carrots into batons!

  2. What a luscious dinner you created…I love your carrots and the chicken looks perfectly roasted.

  3. Love your pictures! Great lookin' chicky you have there

  4. Yum Yum! Would have loved to have been lucky enough to attend this dinner. Everything looks so appetizing, including your little tile in the background!

  5. Everything looks terrific! I did the chicken and potatoes together too. Boy did that make for a fantastic dinner!

  6. "I'll look forward to having you over for dinner again soon! You were a lot of fun!" And you don't have to clean up after us! LOL!

    That is one freaking GORGEOUS chicken, Renée!

  7. Beautiful chicken – love that you roasted it with lots of carrots.

  8. Your chicken looks delicious! I'm jealous at how your bread turned out…yum!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my site and the kind words. Beautiful chicken, by the way! I could really go for some of those carrots right about now.

  10. Thanks for visiting my site. Glad you are a fellow "bread-lover". Your chicken looks yummy and those carrots look amazing. Makes me wish I'd put way more carrots in with my chicken.

  11. I suddenly felt so hungry because of the delicious recipe I found on your blog post. Really yummy! Nom nom nom!

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