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Just the picture alone in Dorie’s cookbook made me want to make this recipe for Hachis Parmentier (Shepherd’s Pie) on page 257 in “Around My French Table”.

However, me being me and if you know me, you’ll know I’m not all that good at following directions or reading instructions.  Per usual, I didn’t read through the recipe first before assembling my ingredients.

Needless to say,  I was a wee bit surprised to find out that this recipe (although easy enough to prepare) was going to take me a little while longer to make than I had originally intended.  No worries however, it was a Sunday and I was prepared to spend the day in my kitchen while the rest of my family (men) were eagerly plopped in front of the television set watching numerous football games throughout the afternoon.

Finally, after having actually read the instructions and before the official “turning on of the stove”,  I realized that I would be making a beef broth of sorts by adding the cut up beef strips, veggies and herbs to a stock pot of water and then simmering the ingredients for at least a few hours.  From there you strain the broth, save the meat and discard the veggies and herbs. Unless of course you like to add the mushy, overly cooked and flavorless veggies to the actual meat layer of the Hachis Parmentier.  I opted just to save the meat and discard the veggies.

Browned pork sausage, tomato paste, the cooked beef and your newly made beef broth can now be simmered on the stove until the broth has reduced and intensified.

This mixture can be made ahead and tucked away in the fridge until you’re ready to top it with mashed potatoes and cheese.  Lots and lots of cheese!

I realize that the above picture is rather odd looking.  Don’t know what I was thinking when I took it but I do remember telling you it was a Sunday afternoon/evening by the time this was ready to go on the dinner table. Enough said  🙂

This recipe got a unanimous thumbs up from my family of men.  What can be better than meat and potatoes? And the fact that mom didn’t even added extra veggies…Touchdown mom!!! Woo Hoo!

I really should have spent more time that day, getting better pictures but it was a long day and mom was tired.  What I do need to tell you is that when I spent more time looking at the recipe (after I’d already set up my ingredients and started cooking), Dorie gives a little side note on how to adapt this recipe to make a “quick” Hachis Parmentier by using ground beef and store bought beef broth.  I seriously doubt if I would have made the quick version on my Sunday afternoon in the kitchen, but now I know this recipe can be easily made on a weeknight as well. See why it’s always best to read the instructions before starting any project?…even cooking!!  Do as I say kids, and not as I do 🙂

Incidentally, I’m doing a giveaway, here on my blog of  “Around My French Table” and I also tell of meeting Dorie at a recent book signing.  Check it out and I hope you’ll enter to win Dorie’s fabulous cookbook if you don’t already own it!

Anyway, next weeks post will be Marie-Hélene’s Apple Cake (page 432) and let me tell you, this cake is NOT TO BE MISSED! Can’t wait to post it for you.  Thanks for stopping by my kitchen.  I hope you come again!


  1. Yum!! I made the full-blown version, too, and it was great. I want to try the quick version on a weeknight, too, to compare the two, and maybe to have another amazing, quick meal in my repertoire.

  2. THE Tough Cookie

    May I have a little bite, please? Great Sunday supper fare.

  3. I loved it, too! Yours looks great!

  4. That last picture made me want to take a bite out of it.. Looks fabulous. I can't wait for that cake it is a good one

  5. wanderlustforfood

    Yours looks so delicious it makes me wish I had taken the long route and made my own stock! If you do end up making it on a week night I took the short cut and it took me about 1 hr 15 min from start to finish, which is totally doable!

  6. Looks like yours turned out well. I probably wouldn't make it again unless I had some leftover roast and I'd leave out the sausage. I also wouldn't be against just using ground beef. Your photos are great.

  7. Funny, the men in your house do what the man in my house does on a Sunday! Your Hachis Parmentier turned out great and I for one would also leave out the vegetables ('cept the potatoe of course)
    Looking forward to your next post from the kitchen!

  8. Oh.My.Gawd! That looks gewd!!! I need that book! LOL!

  9. This was good wasn't it. Nothing better than Shepherd's Pie, no matter which culture.

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

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