FFWD – Gnocchi A La Parisienne

Oh boy, I hope you’re sitting down for this one.  This gnocchi is rich, it’s cheesy, it’s soft and silky and it’s totally comforting and delicious. 

What it isn’t though, is low-cal so I suggest you eat it only in moderation and slowly, very slowly in order to savor every bite.  I’d call them little pillows of heaven and my family gave this recipe a unanimous thumbs up!!!  The recipe can be found on page 374-375 of  “Around My French Table” by Dorie Greenspan.
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  1. The color on yours is really nice – nice shots. It looks like grown up mac-n-cheese!

  2. I've never tried gnocchi but my son-in-law loves it (his grandmother makes it all the time) Perhaps one day I'll surprise him and follow your recipe.
    Looks very good 🙂

  3. YUM! I loved this. I admit to using 2% milk and didn't add the parmesan but it still tasted amazing. So glad you are cooking along with us!

  4. Oh, I accidentally hit a key and don't know if my comment was saved or not..here it is again just in case.

    Your gnocchi looks lovely. Your close-up photos are great. It looks so creamy and delicious – definitely not low-cal. 🙂

  5. Renee — I love the way your gnocchi look and I love them in every stage: straight from the oven, on the plate and, best of all, just ready to pop into your mouth.

  6. Looks Scrumptious! I found you from Frosting for the Cause… I'm a new follower 🙂

    Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

  7. Great photo series – made me feel like I was at the table!

  8. I've made this a couple of times and it's absolutely delicious! It's almost time to make it again! 🙂