FFWD – Bistrot Paul Bert Pepper Steak

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Being complete red meat carnivores, my husband and son could not have been happier with this weeks French Friday’s With Dorie selection.  I, on the other hand, hardly ever pick red meat as my protein of choice. I’m more of a chicken and poultry type of gal.

That being said, I thought this recipe was delicious, with the sauce being the perfect compliment to the peppery seasoned steaks and balanced the flavors beautifully.

Trying to be a bit more frugal these past few weeks had me using some rib eye steaks that I’d happened to have on hand in my freezer, as opposed to the filet mignons the recipe called for.  The only thing I could say I was disappointed in was the actual steak cut I’d used as my substitute.  It was a bit fatty and I’m sure the filet would have been the far better choice.  Ah well, you can’t fault a girl for trying.

The Steak:

The Sauce:

And we all know how I love my roasted veggies.  Here is my completed dish with a side of roasted heaven on a plate (Brussels sprouts and carrots).

Bon appétite!  Hope you enjoyed your steak.  Now it’s time for a nap 🙂

Bon jour!


  1. Your veges are mouth watering! They are always my favorite part…however, your steaks look really great too…nice work.

  2. Well it looks delicious even if you weren't too thrilled about it in the beginning!

  3. You did this dish proud…and I love your gorgeous veggies on the side!

  4. I bet the veggies with a bit of sauce must have been fantastic! You got a perfect sear on those ribeyes.

  5. Your steak looks amazing and those veggies too.
    I skipped this week's recipe, but Tricia's family
    loved the dish.

  6. Wonderful – I'll bet the vegtables were perfect with the steak!

  7. I am usually a second-helping on the veggies kind of chick. Brussels sprouts & carrots. Oh my!
    It all looks great!

  8. Sorry the rib eyes were a little too fatty for you Renee but you still cooked them wonderfully for this FFWD and your colourful mix of veggies was the perfect addition. The entire dinner looks delicious.

  9. This is a great recipe, isn't it? I love, love your side dish! Brussels sprouts and carrots are heaven, indeed.

  10. Ah Renée – you did a vegetable side dish that was NOT fries! Kudos to you (pun intended!). Seems everyone LOVED this dish!

  11. My family would absolutely love this meal!

  12. Your steaks and sauce look amazing! I'm glad the recipe worked with ribeye because there's no way I'm buying filet mignon everytime I want this dish! Kudos for serving healthy veggies on the side!

  13. I'll skip the meat and head straight to the veggies! WOW!

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