Family MUG Shots

I had a recent request from my mom to paint a whole bunch of white coffee mugs that depict the people in our family, their passions and professions.

I’d like to take this time to introduce you to my family, with this, their Family MUG Shots! HA!

Hand painted custom coffee mugs
Hand painted custom coffee mugs

First up, meet Lynn and Jim and their family ~
Lynn is my older sister and she is blessed with a talent for (and loves) making beautiful quilts. Lynn has made some amazing items and I only wish I had a quarter of her talent when it comes to sewing. Oh, she also loves all things cardinals so naturally I had to paint her a quilt with a cardinal. I admire my sister so much, but don’t tell her that. We wouldn’t want it going to her head. LOL   (see below photo for a sample of Lynn’s quilting and sewing talents)
Jim is her husband and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. That said, he is an outrageous fan of the Green Bay Packers (much to the chagrin of my husband) so, as you can imagine, there’s always a lot of good natured bantering during football season…and beyond!
Dan is Lynn and Jim’s eldest son and has always (since he was a little squirt) had a love of sports. Dan is now a talented sportscaster for a TV station in Grand Rapids, MI but he’s never lost his passion for his first true love, The Chicago Blackhawks!!!
Doug is Lynn and Jim’s youngest son and he’s is one of the smartest people I know when it comes to “all things electrical”. Doug has also always had a true love of retro EVERYTHING, especially TV’s, and of course, cars. His collection is quite remarkable and his home is like stepping directly back into the 1960’s.

Next up, meet Bob and Pam and their growing family ~
Bob is my twin brother. A few years ago he and his wife Pam bought the cutest little vacation lake house you’d ever hope to see about an hour away from their home. It’s definitely their little slice of heaven and a place they go to to relax and fish almost every weekend. Bob has even taken up the hobby of making his own lures. Here fishy, fishy.
Pam is his wife and is a source of constant amazement to me. A few years ago (after their daughters were grown) Pam went back to college and pulled straight A’s all the way through and is now a certified x-ray technician! Way to go Pam! You are one smart cookie!
Carisa (mug not shown) is Bob and Pam’s eldest daughter and who now lives in Atlanta, GA. Carisa is a beautiful young woman who is a devout Christian and also writes and performs her own beautifully inspiring Christian music. She’s played the piano since she was almost a baby and has a true ear, and love, for music.
Stacey is Bob and Pam’s youngest daughter and in many ways, I feel she is most like the daughter Mark and I never had. Stacey is a beautician with a true talent for bringing out someones inner beauty by way of their hair. Stacey runs her own beauty shop that is highly successful. I love that she runs her own business (she reminds me of me:). We’re all thrilled that Stacey is going to be a mommy this coming September when she and her husband Billy welcome their first child. Personally, I can hardly wait!!! Stacey is going to be an amazing mommy!
Billy is Stacey’s husband and to me he is a modern day renaissance man. He’s funny, smart, well read and extremely personable and hard working. Billy is also a musician and singer. There is no end to this guy’s talents! He’s going to make a wonderful father!
Kevin (mug not shown) is Carisa’s husband and although I don’t know him all that well, what I do know is that he’s a kind man that is making Carisa extremely happy. You can’t ask for more than that.

Meet my mom and dad ~
Mom (aka grandma or g-ma) has been a woman I’ve looked up to (and tried to emulate) my entire life. My mom is actually where I get my artistic and creative talent and it’s because of her that I took up painting in the first place. If you look at my mom’s mug, it was inspired by all the years she made “bunny bags” for the grandkids each and every Easter. To this day all the grandkids (now grown) still talk about the “bunny bags” with such fondness and love that it touches me beyond belief. Mom is the heart of the family who brings love and much laughter to all. I can only hope that I’ll have such a wonderful relationship with my grandchildren (as my mom does with hers), when and if they ever happen 😉   (see below photo to view this year’s bunny bags)
Dad (aka grandpa or g-pa) is definitely the captain of this family. Having moved himself and mom back from Florida almost a year and a half ago to be closer to family, it’s one of the best moves we all could have hoped for. Since they’ve been back we’ve all grown so much closer as a family unit and have had such fun and wonderful family gathering times. Dad has always had an extreme love of the open sea and boating. He has owned a boat almost his entire life. From sailing to motoring, dad’s sea legs are amazingly strong, but not nearly as strong as his love for his family and his wonderful attitude and zest for life! My dad is a true inspiration to me for many, many reasons!
I could go on and on about the wonderful blessings that are my parents but alas, I’d never get to the end of this post 🙂

Meet me and my family ~
Mark is my husband of 32 and is a truly wonderful man. Mark has many interests but the one that stands out first and foremost is his LOVE of the Chicago Bears! Mark’s dad has been a season ticket holder for the Chicago Bear’s since they were the Decatur Staleys so naturally he got to go to many, many games over the years. The Chicago Bears have been a major bonding factor for Mark and his dad, which makes the Bears even more special to him! Go Bears!
Adam is our oldest son who will be turning 28 in just a few weeks but it almost feels like yesterday when he was born. Adam is a kind and considerate young man with a wicked sense of humor. Adam has always had a love for the game of golf and plays as often as he can. I remember driving he and his brother to the golf course almost daily when they were young where they would spend most of their summer days. One of Adams favorite movies is Caddy Shack and that is where the idea for his mug came from. No, that is not Adam on the glass…It’s Bill Murray and a groundhog (of course).
Greg is our youngest son and he also has an unbelievable love for the game of golf. It is Greg’s dream to one day play on the PGA tour and I sincerely believe he will. Greg has a determination and an amazingly strong will, and with the amount of practice he puts in I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen. I love that Greg has a dream and that he is willing to do what it takes to follow it. He’s much like his mom in that regard.
Karen is Adam’s girlfriend and has recently become an honorary family member. Since the first day we all met her (at our family China Party), we all feel hopeful that she’ll one day be more than an honorary family member and possibly an actual family member? No pressure Adam 🙂   Karen also loves to cook and bake so to me, she’ll fit in perfectly!
Me, you know me, I’m Renee and I love sharing my passions and interests with you. You know how much I love to cook, bake and of course paint. My mug encompasses that and I’m very happy I’ve had the opportunity to introduce you to the rest of my family. The people who have made me, me.

Now you can see some of the bunny bag’s that mom made this year that held, guess what? MUGS! LOL.
Also the carrot centerpiece quilt and individual carrots at each place setting are compliments of my sister Lynn. Pretty cute, huh?

And now for a little shameless advertising…
If there is ever a time when you’d like me to paint a custom item for you or one of your family members or friends, please contact me or visit the “Shop Now” button at the top of this page.

All of my items are dishwasher safe and most come in their own gift boxes.
I can work from any description or photo you send my way.

Together, we give the gifts that people remember!!!
Thanks for the visit. Please come again!


  1. This was a huge job and your wonderful mugs certainly captured the essence of each of your family members. What a wonderful and talented group of people. It was very enjoyable *getting to know* a little bit about each of them. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. I did not know that you had a twin brother!
    P.P.S. I love Lynn's carrot centerpiece and her handmade carrots and your Mom's bunny bags tradition. Adorable!

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome! I am not an artist by any means but painted white coffee mugs for our annual Family Beach Birthday Bash one year for our desserts. It was a palm tree, sand, water and sun scene… Took me ALL year to get them done and they looked like a 3rd grader did them! Sure wish I had known about you back then! Yours are awesome! Oh well…now I know who to call on if I ever need something like this again!

  3. I love these. What a fun family and great idea.
    Fun for you to have a twin brother!
    Keeping this in my for a family gift.

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