It’s A Dogs Life, But Somebody Has To Do It!

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July 3, 2010 was a day to spend lounging by the side of pool with our friends and family! Nellie and I like it when our aunt and uncle come over because they’re so much fun to play with. My mom usually takes the pictures of us but unfortunately, we never look all that happy (even though we really are). Here are a few of yesterdays pictures. I’m sure my mom will post more when she has the time. Happy 4th of July everyone! I’m looking forward to the fireworks tonight. We can see them from our backyard but I’m pretty sure Nellie will be hiding under the bed.

This is me, Ivy. You’d never know it by looking at my pictures but I’m just a little spitfire girl who loves to have fun and make people laugh. I guess I’m showing my serious side today. Don’t let me fool you. You’ll see more of my playful side soon enough.

This is my sister Nell (or Nellie, we call her both). Believe it or not, this is one the the best pictures my mom has ever taken of Nell. She is so scruffy that most times, you don’t even get to see her face through all that fur. She’s an odd looking dog (who is afraid of her own shadow) but we love her anyway. Oh, and we found out yesterday that she doesn’t know how to swim very well. Guess it’s time for my mom to get her her own life jacket now too.

And here we both are taking a dip in the pool. Our uncle and aunt are holding us so that way we don’t have to exert too much effort by trying to swim. I’m know, we’re pretty goofy but we’re cute. Don’t you think?

Please come back and visit us again. Like I said, my mom likes to take tons of pictures and videos of us because we’re always doing something fun. Actually, we’re just being dogs but “It’s A Dog’s Life, And Somebody Has To Do It!”

With love and licks,

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  1. Ha! This is toooooo cute! I just got an order for some French Bulldog cookies. I have been stressing cause I have NO idea how to do it! 🙂

    Be blessed-

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