“Cozy Up” ~ A Hurricane Candle Holder And A Tutorial

I was contacted again by the paint manufacturer DecoArt to design a project with some of their AMERICANA MULTI-SURFACE SATIN craft paint. This paint works well on all sorts of surfaces, glass being among the many.

The few stipulations I had while working with DecoArt on this project was:
1.  The surface product could be purchased at “Michael’s Arts and Craft Store“.
2.  I use the color palette supplied by DecoArt which was inspired by Pantone’s trending colors for Fall    2013
3.  It had to involve my interpretation of the theme ~ “Cozy Up”

This is the completed project I came up with and below are all the instructions you’ll need to complete this project on your own.  This design is super easy to recreate and doesn’t require a great deal of skill or a high artistic level. I do recommend this project for adults however, as the hurricane holder is glass.


Americana Multi-Surface Satin Craft Paint (available at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store)
  DA526  –  Blue Lagoon
  DA502  –  Vanilla Shake
  DA536  – Coffee Bean
  DA511  –  Pumpkin Patch
  DA508  –  Dark Scarlett
  DA521  –  Green Beret
  DA516  –  Muted Gold
  DA539  –  Black Tie

Glass hurricane holder – Available for purchase at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store
Rubbing Alcohol
1″ flat shader – paint brush (for applying the rubbing alcohol at the beginning of the project)

Additional Supplies:
*Square kitchen sponge – cut into a 1″ square, a 2″ rectangle, a small leaf heart shape and a long tapered oval leaf shape (see photo)
Paper plates (to use as paint palettes)
Soap and water  (for cleaning brushes and sponges in between each color)
Paper towels (to dry brushes and sponges in between color changes)
#4 flat shader – paint brush (for the accent line at the base of the hurricane)
#10/0 liner – paint brush (for the outlining and leaf veins and stems)

*Note – When I talk about using the sponges to apply color, they should be damp, not dry.

To Begin:
-Wash the hurricane with soap and water. Dry thoroughly.
-Using the 1″ brush, cover the entire outside surface of the hurricane, including the bottom with the rubbing alcohol and allow to dry, upside down.
-Squirt a quarter size dollop of Coffee Bean paint onto the paper plate and using the large rectangle sponge dip it into the paint and pat the paint on the bottom, and up the sides (base only) of the hurricane. Allow to dry.
-Using the #4 flat shader and the Blue Lagoon, carefully paint on the accent line between the base and the sides of the hurricane itself. Allow to dry.

-Using the square and rectangle sponge, along with the Blue Lagoon, Vanilla Shake and Coffee Bean paint colors, apply the sponged shapes with random colors liberally around the entire hurricane. Allow the separate colors to dry before starting a new color and don’t be shy about overlapping some of the shapes and colors.

-Using the two leaf shapes and the colors: Pumpkin Patch, Green Beret and Muted Gold, sponge colored leaves in random placement all around the hurricane (making sure to let each color dry thoroughly before overlapping colors). Allow to dry.

-Using the liner brush outline each square and rectangle shape with Black Tie, along with each of the leaf shapes.  Allow to dry.
-Again using the liner brush and the Black Tie, apply the leaf veins and a simple stem to each leaf. Allow to dry.

-Add a candle and “Cozy Up!”

*Important Safety Note – Never LEAF a burning candle unattended. HA!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project and will try making one for yourself sometime!
Thanks for coming to visit me in my Kudos Kitchen…Where food and art collide!

Have a colorful day!


  1. I love this Renee! I can't paint but I can cut out sponges so I think I can do this. You provided us with a wonderful easy to follow tutorial and guess what! I have a huge hurricane lamp that's calling my name. Thank you for this great idea. Your's turned out beautifully.

  2. Thanks for the new , and beautiful idea to pant, though I don't have hurricane but Ican paint other big glass pot also the same way.

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