Cheers To Oktoberfest – Not Lost In Translation!

“Excuse me” (Entschuldigen sie), do you know what goes better with a good old fashioned Oktoberfest celebration than “a hearty German beer” (ein herzhaftes deutsches Bier), “soft hot pretzels” (heißem Brezeln) and “fresh German bratwurst?” (frische deutsche Bratwurst?)   “Give up?” (Geben Sie auf?)   “Scroll through the pictures to find out”… (Blättern Sie durch die Bilder, um es herauszufinden…)  “OK?”  (OK?)

“A large painted oval?”(Ein großes Oval gemalt?) … “No”. (Nein).

“Pine trees” (Kiefern), “mountains in the distance” (Berge in der Ferne) and “puffy white clouds?” (aufgedunsen weißen Wolken?)… “No.” (Nein).   Then it must be…

“A big happy smile” (Eine große glückliche Lächeln), “a hat with a feather” (ein Hut mit einer Feder), “with fancy suspenders” (mit Phantasie Hosenträger) and “TWO German beers” (ZWEI deutsche Biere).  “By *Goerger” (pronounced Georger), “I think I’ve got it!!!” (Durch *Goerger), (ich glaube, ich hab’s!!!)  LOL. My last name is *Goerger and it’s totally relevent to the ZWEI deutsche Biere comment. (Let’s see if you were paying attention!)

“Enjoy your celebration responsibly” (Genießen Sie Ihre Feier verantwortungsbewusst) and “Always display your hand painted tiles at all of your holiday celebrations!” (Immer Anzeige Ihre handbemalten Fliesen in allen Ihren Urlaub feiern!)  “Kudos to you!” (Kudos zu Ihnen!)

“Thanks for visiting” (Danke für Ihren Besuch!) and  “please come again!” (pitte kommen Sie wieder)

“Cheers” (Prost),

For information on ordering your own custom painted tile, please email me:

Renee Goerger

Hi! I’m Renée! Thanks so much for visiting me here in my Kudos Kitchen, where there is always something yummy to eat, and colorful items being painted! My goals here are to bring you delicious family-friendly recipes that are easy for you to follow and recreate in your own kitchen, and also to charm you with my unique and whimsical hand painted pieces from fabrics to glassware.


  1. This post and tile is just too cute! You make me feel like I can really talk German! Kind of! 😉

    Kudos zu Ihnen!


  2. My goodness, this is awesome, I love this tile. You are an artist!!

  3. paint so well! I'm so impressed! Your tiles are just so unique and so creative! I agree that you're an artist!