“Cakes Under The Influence” Product Review and Giveaway

A few weeks before Christmas I was contacted by a company called “Cakes Under The Influence” and asked if I’d like to do a completely un-sponsored post about their product. Because it was such an original idea with a really cute presentation, I said I’d happily do it, but it wouldn’t be until after the first of the year. This is the day.

When I opened the box I was a little surprised and intrigued by all the components involved.

After reading through the instructions several times, I set about making the Pina Colada cupcake recipe which came in the box. However, if you go to their website you can find all sorts of other recipes for fun cocktail cakes, and cookies too!

I also decided that, in order to give a true product review, I would use the Hi-Proof baking mix that came in the package. Turns out you don’t have to use their baking mix as you can use various other cake mixes, or scratch recipes, to come up with your own awesome creation. You can also find some fun and fantastic ideas here when it comes to making something original and truly unique. And this product is not just limited to cakes…think pies and appetizers, as well.

But, back to my experience. I assembled my ingredients and off I went.

The instructions were easy to follow and the special silicone baking cups and metal molds that form the cakes are super cool and well thought out. The cakes baked up perfectly and had a nice dense texture. Quite like a pound cake, but not at all dry. The taste was very pleasing and I  also loved the *no guilt* single serving size.

Cakes Under The Influence can be topped in many different ways but I chose the simple and elegant route of a plain powdered sugar dusting so that the actual cake would shine through and be the star!

The only thing I would like to see different about this product is in the presentation. I’d like for the stems of the acrylic glasses to be longer, as their Cakes Under The Influence logo suggests. That said, I suppose you could try and use your own martini glasses and then transfer the baked cakes for the presentation although I’m not 100% sure they’d fit. I didn’t try this idea however because I just thought of it now.

All that taken into consideration, I really enjoyed making, and eating, this fun new product, and I trust you will too!! That is why Cakes Under The Influence and I are giving away 2 “Two Under The Influence” baking kits (a $25 retail value) for two separate readers. This giveaway is for those of you who would like to experience something new and different in the world of home baking. “Here’s to a sweet toast to your adult journey!”


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This contest runs from:  Midnight January 19th – Midnight January 26th. Two separate winners will be chosen and each winner will win one – Two Under The Influence Cake Kits.  Good Luck!!

Until we bake again.


  1. I think this is a cute idea!

  2. I'm intrigued by this product…boozy desserts are great for adult parties!

  3. These are really cute, Renee! I'd love a set!

  4. This looks great! I would love to try something like this. How fun. Thanks for offering the chance to win.

  5. What a clever idea. I love cooking and baking with spirits

  6. Cute idea for parties with no children present!

  7. I'm fascinated by Cakes Under the Influence and would love to bake up something as pretty as your creations, Reneé.

  8. sounds like fun

  9. These are so cool. My sister's birthday is coming up and these would make the perfect surprise as she loves martinis.

  10. This is so adorable and what fun for a baker! Cool!

  11. I'm more interested in tasting the cake than I am in the presentation. Pound cake in pre-proportioned size sounds interesting.

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